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   Chapter 144 Got Distracted (Part Two)

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With her lips curled, Rachel placed two glasses of juice in front of them "Eric, you'd better stop acting like a child."

Lea rolled her eyes. She didn't know that Eric had been in such a delicate state because of the injury. She thought Rachel was abusing him.

Frowning, she lightly scolded Rachel, "Be gentle. He is injured right now and needs extra care."

Rachel groaned. This wasn't what she needed right now.

Eric felt elated that someone was on his side.

He told Lea how pitiful he was.

Lea felt sorry for him. Rachel held her arms tightly and shook her head. Eric was really a spoiled child. Perhaps Mendes should learn from him.

She looked at his head, he now had hair. They had shaved his head before the operation.

Shrugging, Rachel went to the kitchen to pack the mango mousse cake that Lea had brought.

Outside the room, Lea was checking the wound on Eric's body. He felt embarrassed, but sat quietly as she inspected him.

She was worried about him. She motioned for him to remove his clothes so she could see the rest of the wounds.

Eric couldn't refuse. The wound on his arm could be seen when he rolled up his sleeve.

He gnashed his teeth and took off his shirt so that she could see the wound on his waist. A deep blush appeared on his handsome face.

"Those are all my wounds."

Lea didn't see the blush on his face, carefully examining his wounds.

She stared at the wounds on Eric's body and frowned. Although the stitches had been removed, it scarred pretty badly.

There was a long scar on his back from the knife. She couldn


Eric was still sitting there, dumbfounded. He still didn't understand why Henry looked at him like with terrifying eyes.

He looked at Jack, who was shaking his head at him.

Eric gave him a confused look. He turned to Rachel. "Can I have cake please?"

"Aren't you afraid of becoming fat?" Since Eric couldn't bend, Rachel gave him the plate, so he wouldn't have to bend over.

Before she could hand it to him, someone grabbed her arm. "Let me do it."

Eric groaned. He just wanted the cake.

He looked as Jack took the plate from Rachel.

Just as Eric was about to mutter a nice thank you, Jack gave the plate to Henry. Eric opened his mouth in disbelief. That was his cake! 'What the fuck! That was for me.'

Henry was in a bad mood and he didn't like desserts. He said in a little frown, "Give it to the kid."


Eric furrowed his eyebrows. He suddenly had the urge to flip the table. He wasn't a child. In response, Jack laughed and handed the plate over to Eric. Muttering a short thank you, Eric quietly began to eat.

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