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   Chapter 142 Took Care Of Eric

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'That's better,' Eric thought to himself.

He stared in Jack's direction and asked, "Why are you even here?"

Jack replied, "I answered the phone, remember?"

Eric frowned, he was right.

At that time, he had been in so much pain that he didn't even realize who he was talking to.

"I see," he haughtily replied.

Jack fetched a chair and sat at his bedside. He read a business magazine to kill time.

Eric felt extremely awkward around him. Having him here was already bad enough for his manhood.

If Rachel was here, then he wouldn't feel so embarrassed.

After a long moment of silence, Jack placed the magazine on the side table. He turned to see Eric staring at him.

Jack quirked an eyebrow in confusion. "Why are you staring at me? Is there something on my face?"

Eric didn't reply and turned his head to the other side. Jack shrugged, dismissing what had just happened. After a brief while, Eric glanced at Jack again. "Why are you always around Rachel?"

"Am I always with her?"

"Yes." Every time Eric went to Rachel, Jack was always there.

Jack faintly smiled and did not reply.

Eric opened his mouth to say more, but Rachel came in bringing porridge.

Eric groaned, he hated porridge. It was so bland and mushy, that he didn't have the appetite to eat it right now. He gulped nervously. "Is that for me?"

Rachel laughed, she knew that he hated it. "Yes, I bought spareribs porridge for you."

At the sound of "porridge," Eric wanted to gag. Seeing his face, Rachel said sternly, "You don't get to choose. Eat it or else I will shove it down your throat."

"Rachel," he pleaded pitifully.

Rachel unwrapped the package and placed the porridge in front of him. "Stop shouting. It's useless. You cannot eat oily food."

Eric turned to look at the man beside him, and there was a faint smile tugging the corners of Jack's mouth. He immediately felt ashamed for behaving like a child.

He felt embarrassed with Jack next to him. Shutting his mouth, he silently ate the meal.

For several days, Eric was forced to stay in the hospital. It was a miracle that he recovered very fast.

Because she had to take care of him, Rachel had to re-schedule her outings with Lea.

Luckily, Lea was also unavailable. She had originally planned to ask Rachel to go out with Alex alone, but since Rachel was shy, she belie

of the trap, Rachel replied shrewdly, "Yes, he's been helping me a lot."

Upon hearing this, he looked at his son with a joyful expression.

He was very delighted to see that these two were finally getting along with each other.

"Rachel, if you need anything, just ask Jack. There's nothing much to do in the company, so his schedule is quite free, for now."

Jack glared at him. Why was the man aware of his schedule? And since when did he make appointments for him?

Ignoring his son's glare, he asked how Eric's condition was.

Eric's mischievous eyes saw the strange glances between Johnathan and Jack. Something wasn't right here.

Jack had clearly inherited the same emotionless expression and intimidating aura from his father.

Apart from that, one couldn't really tell that they were related.

Jonathan was very kind and a very good conversationalist. He held Eric's attention far longer than Rachel and Jack did.

Jack didn't understand why his father was so kind to young people.

He had always been so strict and stern while he had been growing up.

Even though Eric was in his early twenties, Johnathan still gave him the same patience he gave to Mendes.

He was surprised at how well they got along with one another.

Like how he had done earlier, Johnathan told Eric that if he needed anything, Jack was free to help him.

Because of his injury, Eric could barely do anything by himself.

Since Eric had Johnathan backing him up, he looked at Jack. With a stern and pitiful look, he mumbled, "What if he doesn't want to help me?"

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