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   Chapter 141 I'm A Type A

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Her fingertips were cold, but his palm was dry and warm.

Jack tightened his hands, Rachel raised her head a little bit and breathed out heavily from her chest. Then she held his hand back.

All of a sudden, Jack clenched his slender fingers and held Rachel's hand tight in his palm.

Soon after, the door of the operating room opened. A nurse walked out in a hurry. Rachel leaned forward and looked at the door involuntarily.

Although she knew that she couldn't see anything, she still couldn't help looking into the ward. Jack accompanied her silently, and gently grasped her hand when she leaned over.

The nurse returned in a hurry with the blood bag in her hand.

The door of the operating room was closed again. Rachel leaned against the back of the chair and looked down at the floor. Both of them waited quietly.

About five or six minutes later, the operating room's door was opened again. The nurse who had entered the room just now came out in a hurry and glanced at them.

A muffled voice came through the mask, "Are you the family of Eric?"

Rachel was out of her usual calm mood. Hearing the nurse's words, she stood up from the chair at once. Following her, Jack also stood up.

The nurse comforted, "Don't worry. The patient has lost too much blood. There is no more type A blood in our blood bank. The operation will be extended."

Jack said in a low voice, "I'm a type A. How much blood you need? Draw my blood."

The nurse looked him up and down and said, "The young man inside has lost a lot of blood. I can't draw so much blood from you alone. Are you type A? Come and have a check."

"Okay." He patted her hand to comfort her and said in a low voice, "Wait for me here."

Rachel nodded and watched them leave. Then she looked back at the direction of the operating room.

She hadn't felt such panic for a long time since her parents passed away.

He had lost too much blood. A nurse had taken a bag of blood in, with the blood from Jack. It was still not enough.

She had clinical experience and probably knew that it was not easy to deal with Eric's condition. Nothing should be wrong with him.

She had lost her marbles, with panic in her heart.

After about ten minutes, Jack finally came back. He looked as usual, but his lips were a little lighter than before. When she looked at his lips carefully, she thought it was her illusion.

After he sat down, she asked in a low voice, "How much have you drawn?"

"Not much, the normal amount," replied Jack calmly.

After a while, the nurse took the plasma and walked in front of them. The door of the operating room was opened and closed again.

Rachel moved her eyes away and thanked him sincerely.

Jack looked back at her indifferently, "You're welcome. It's just a little help."

Jack happened to hear the phone call and come with her, and he's a type A. What a coincidence!

Rachel curved up her lips and slightly turned her head. Her eyes were wet.

Eric was still unconscious when he got out of the operat

at he kept looking for his sister all the time.

Rachel needed to feed him for the meal, talked to him and held his hands. He kept asking for a mirror to check if his face was broken.

Jack stood aside with a poker face. He had the urge to knock him out. But the doctor said he was very weak and serious.

But in his eyes, Eric was so lively, not a weak person. 'The doctor is talking nonsense!'

When Eric called to look for Rachel again, Jack walked over and slammed the door.

They had spent some money on Eric, so he was the only one in this ward.

So after the door was closed, there were only two people in the ward, Jack and Eric.

Eric stared at him for a while, and they looked at each other for a moment. Finally, Eric couldn't stand the cold sight of Jack. Being defeated, Eric turned his head awkwardly and asked weakly, "Where is my sister?"

He walked to the bedside, crossed his arms in front of his chest and looked down at him, as he said in a cold voice, "She went to downstairs to take the medicine."


Nobody spoke for a while.

Then they asked at the same time. "Why are you here?"

"How are you feeling now?"

Eric's face was full of uncomfortable and impractical thanks to Jack's concern. He felt something wrong all over, so he looked away.

He saw that the way Jack looked at him was not the same as before. It seemed that he was indeed concerned about him.

Dumbfounded, Eric replied in a low voice, "I'm fine. I just feel numb and painful."

"Okay, hold on! The effect of the anesthetic is not completely gone, and it will be more painful later."

When he heard these words, Eric's face darkened with fury. 'What kind of person is he?' 'What the fuck!

Although what Jack said is right.

But how could he be so frank? Doesn't he know how to comfort people?'

Jack didn't know what Eric was thinking. Seeing that Eric turned his head aside, Jack continued, "It's okay. You don't have many wounds. I don't think you'll feel too uncomfortable later."

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