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   Chapter 139 Introduced A Blind Date

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"Hey, what are you thinking about?" Lea poked her quietly, "Why didn't you reply him just now?"

Rachel came to herself and frowned, "Did he talk to me?"

"Yes. He asked you a few times, but you didn't respond. He probably felt embarrassed and went to the bathroom."

Rachel raised her hand and touched her forehead. She hesitated for a while and didn't answer Lea's question. She had thought that she just came here to have a meal. She didn't expect that it was just like this.

The stranger in front of her was staring at her with glittering eyes. Rachel had seen many of such eyes, but didn't understand what they meant.

During the dinner, the man tried to find a topic to talk with her, but she avoided him politely. Lea didn't know what's wrong with Rachel.

"Why don't you answer me?" Lea pushed her slightly, "Don't you like him?"

Rachel was stunned and asked awkwardly, "What do you mean by 'like'? Isn't that your classmate?"

"That's right," said Lea. She was so anxious that she almost blurted it out. She rolled her eyes, cleared her throat and whispered, "He is single. What do you think of him?"

Hearing this, Rachel didn't react to it. She frowned and said, "Don't you like Henry?"

Lea was confused. "Does it have anything to do with me? I am asking for your opinion."

Rachel didn't realize what she meant until she saw Lea's confused face. It turned out that Lea introduced her a blind date.

She didn't know what she was feeling at that moment, and she just sat there blankly. The man came back to the table. Rachel looked down awkwardly and avoided looking into his eyes.

She felt awkward as she didn't know what to do here. She answered the questions popping to her. Actually, Lea was trying to bring them together intentionally.

At the thought of this, she didn't know if she felt embarrassed or angry.

The way she responded not made Alex Xiao feel uncomfortable. Lea had told him that she was a cold girl.

However, when he realized that Rachel didn't like talking, Alex Xiao wisely spoke in a lower voice. He couldn't help sighing in his heart, 'she is indeed a cold beauty.'

After the dinner, Alex Xiao left first. Looking at his car away, Lea sighed, "He's still so handsome."

'Is he handsome?' In fact, Rachel didn't think that he has a good-looking, just a well-educated scholar.

"What do you think of him?" Lea turned her head and asked.

Rachel said lightly, "A little talkative."

Hearing that, Lea thought, 'He's trying to talk to you...'

Back in the car, Lea continued, "Alex Xiao came back to hold a drama. He is a planner in a Russian theater. He gave me a few tickets. Are they coming to visit the day after

the phone was connected, Victor didn't ask her why she didn't answer the phone. He just said, "Rachel, the media are investigating this matter these days. Can you take a few days off until this matter is settled, okay?"

Rachel didn't expect that he would mention this matter. She was slightly stunned and replied, "Okay, Victor. How is it now?"

Jack only said he would give her the result after the investigation. Rachel felt that Dr. Austin's attitude was strange, maybe there was something to do with him.

But since there was no evidence, she couldn't make this kind of assumption.

Victor continued, "Dr. Austin is being investigated. The hospital has been reorganized recently. I have been taking care of himself from now on. Things are getting worse in the hospital."

Rachel listened to him quietly. Where there was light, there would be darkness. However, this gray area had to be limited within the rule holder.

If the other party was too paranoid, it's hard to control when it's out of the line.

Before hanging up the phone, Victor said in a serious tone, "You've been wronged recently. I've taken actions to some people in the hospital. It's true that you have a good temper, but that doesn't mean that other can bully you."

Doctor Wang had come to apologize to Rachel, so she understood what he meant.

After saying a few more words, Victor hung up the phone.

She had lost her parents since a long time ago, but she was specially treated in her growing environment. Therefore, she did not lose her original rich life because of the loss of her biological parents.

She lost her families, but Jonathan, Victor and other people gave her enough love and support, who had been taught her in place of her father's identity.

Rachel was very grateful to them.

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