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   Chapter 137 Did You Still Want A Divorce

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This time, not only she but also Lea was stunned. But Jack, as if he hadn't seen their expressions, easily bypassed Rachel and sat down beside her.

After a few seconds of hesitation, Lea almost jumped up. She looked at them for a moment, and then stuttered and pointed at Jack and Rachel. "You two... You! !"

Jack naturally and calmly smiled at Rachel, held her hand and placed it in his palm. Then he closed his fingers and gently wrapped her hand.

He looked at Lea and asked calmly, "What's wrong with us?"

Lea couldn't imagine what she has seen and had a look of Rachel beside him. "What's wrong with you?"!

"Nothing serious. Just what you see. Lea, why you get so emotional?" Jack was like a spokesperson for Rachel. He didn't wait for her to speak, and began to respond too Lea.

Lea touched her forehead. Her face was full of shock. The loud voice she had just made attracted some people's attention.

She lowered her voice and twisted her hand on the table. Her beautiful face looked ferocious. "I'm not asking you! Rachel! Tell me!"

Rachel was so embarrassed that she wanted to dig a hole on the ground to hide herself.

She tried to withdraw her hand from Jack's, but failed.

But she didn't want to make a big move in front of Lea so had to let Jack holding her hands like that. "Nothing... You... "

'Don't be so surprised?

You don't have to be so scared?

None of the words was suitable to use!' If you saw your best friend keep relationship with a shit man, You'll blow up!

Feeling that she couldn't tolerate it anymore, Lea was about to explode. Pulling her bag, she strode out and said, "Jack you don't follow us. And Rachel calm down and come out to find me in ten minutes. I want to know what's going on!"

Rachel immediately pulled her hand back from the hand of Jack. Things went well this time, so when she touched him, he immediately let go of her hand.

So she turned around and glared at him, "Why are you here?"

With a leisurely look, he added, "I remembered that I had something to tell you, so I followed."

Then he heard what Lea asked her, which made him uncomfortable. Seeing Rachel trying to avoid Lea's question, he strode over without thinking.

Rachel held her face remorsefully like a pupil who was caught doing a bad thing with shame and panic.

In fact, it was nothing special. There was nothing to do with Jack and her...

'HMM It's nothing


Ah! It was just a kiss.' She couldn't speak it out. 'Why did I hesitate for so long?'

After she finally plucked up all her courage, she turned to look at him. With his eyebrows raised, Jack asked, "Why are you so entangled? Are you afraid that Lea will bite you?"

His w

e polite to each other before, but now she was hostile to him.

Without looking at her, he stood up and said to Rachel, "Okay, I'm leaving now. Don't worry about the hospital issue. I'll tell you when I get the result."

Rachel nodded with a straight face. She dared not to look at him, and her ears were turning red.

Standing at the side, Lea saw them flirting with each other. She raised her eyebrows, glared at Jack, and dragged Rachel away.

The force was so strong that Rachel almost fell down as she didn't expect that. Fortunately, Jack reacted quickly and held her back.

Lea looked back and saw Jack holding Rachel's wrist. She became angrier and said to him with stubbornness. "Let go of her."

Jack quietly released his hand, he saw that Lea took Rachel by the hand and walked away without turning back. He squinted slightly and a hint of darkness flashed through his eyes.

People in the coffee shop who witnessed what had happened probably made up a drama in their minds.

Lea pulled Rachel out angrily, went to the car and opened the door. She said coldly, "Get in."

Lea was just like a queen and Rachel got in the car quietly and didn't dare to provoke her anymore.

Lea closed the door, walked to the other side and got in the car. After fastening her seat belt, she said seriously, "I think we need to talk about it."

Rachel didn't say a word. Lea drove the car at full speed towards her house.

Maybe Lea was really shocked by Jack's words, and Rachel thought to herself, 'although I don't think that she will be so angry, I still have nothing to do with him.'

But it was understandable for Lea reaction, Rachel thought.

On the way, Lea looked ghastly. Rachel had thought that Lea would blow up, but when they arrived at Lea's house, she calmed down instead.

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