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   Chapter 134 Chinese Food

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After a pause, Jack turned around and raised his eyebrows. "Didn't I make breakfast in your place once?"

Rachel stared blankly back at him, finally remembering that Jack had indeed made breakfast for her once. But still, she was surprised that he could cook something more elaborate than fried eggs.

After she went back to watching TV in the living room, Jack took out the fish and the steak, intending to make steamed fish and filet mignon⁠, both of which would taste great paired with red wine.

He placed a steamer pot on one burner and a skillet on another, leaving them to heat up while he prepared the ingredients and lined them up on the kitchen counter.

Meanwhile, sitting in the living room, Rachel tried to focus on watching TV, but she found herself being drawn again and again to what was happening in the kitchen.

When she turned her head around, she saw Jack bend over the kitchen counter, completely focused on chopping up some ingredients.

Sensing a pair of eyes on him, Jack shifted slightly and turned around, but by then, Rachel had turned back to the TV, pretending to be engrossed in the program that was on.

The noisy laughter from the TV program echoed throughout the villa.

Even after Jack turned his focus back to cooking, Rachel continued to stare blankly at the TV screen, but her mind as elsewhere.

She did not come back to reality until ten minutes later, when the mouthwatering aroma of steamed fish and ginger wafted over to her.

Sniffing like a puppy, she turned around and asked, "You made steamed fish?"

Without waiting for a reply, she eagerly strode to the kitchen and saw steamed fish as well as some filet mignon.

Jack, who was standing near the sink washing his hands, raised an eyebrow at her.

Rachel just looked appreciatively at the dishes, surprised that Jack could cook so well.

A few minutes later, they were both sitting at the dining table, ready to eat.

There were two portions of steak and one portion of steamed fish on the table.

If anyone else saw this scene, they would be shocked.

How could the arrogant president of MK Group make lunch and even serve his wife and himself?

Rachel watched Jack for a moment, and then looked at the pair of chopsticks in front of her in confusion. "Why did you bring bowls and chopsticks for Western food?"

Jack looked at the dishes on the table as if he had forgotten what they were, and then laughed. "We're at home, so we can just eat comfortably, right? It's up to you."

He didn't care about whether the cutlery was suitable or not. Right now, he was so tired and hungry that he just wanted to eat as soon as possible.

Noticing his exhaustion, Rachel poured two glasses of wine. After clinking their glasses, both of them took a sip. Neither of them had expected that they could have such a pleasant day together, but Jack was even more surprised than Rachel was.

For the last ten years or so, he had never paid any attention to this woman. However, in just the last three to four months,

face, which seemed to be swimming in front of her.

Suddenly, she thrust out both her hands and held Jack's face. "Don't move!" she commanded seriously.

It seemed that she was really drunk. Jack pulled her hands away from his face and smirked in amusement. "Are you really that drunk?"

Suddenly, the memory of her at a bar flashed through his mind.

How did she dare to visit such places if she could get drunk this easily?

At that thought, he pulled a long face and waved his hand in front of her. "What's this?"

"Your hand... How many fingers do you have?"

She shook her head. Her eyes were misty and unfocused.

Jack frowned, wondering whether he had accidentally drugged her. Her behavior didn't make sense to him at all.

Rachel slowly counted out loud with her head tilted, and then shouted in a proud voice, "Five fingers! You have five fingers..."

She sounded like a child who had gotten the answer right.

Shaking his head, Jack picked her up and walked toward the bedroom.

Rachel lay obediently in his arms, but the movement of his arms kept pulling her in and out of her trance.

At times, she found it hard to remember whose face she was looking at. When Jack had finally carried her into her bedroom and was about to put her down on his bed, she gripped his arm to stop him and said,

"What's wrong with you? Did someone bully you?"

Jack's lips twitched, but he maintained a poker face as he gently pulled her hand away and said, "Yes."

Rachel didn't struggle. She obediently withdrew her hand and allowed him to put her down on the bed.

"Who bullied you?" she asked curiously.

Jack had never seen anyone who could get this drunk after finishing just half a bottle of wine.

"Have a good rest," he said with a helpless sigh.

Rachel curled up her body to sleep, but after a moment, she suddenly sat up and said unhappily, "I haven't washed my face and changed my clothes yet."

Then, she moved to get out of bed, but Jack stopped her. "What are you trying to do?"

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