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   Chapter 132 Being Questioned

Trapped In Lace By Six Characters: 9455

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"Is he here?" Lucas asked in surprise.

No one noticed that Amber was so angry that almost gnashed her teeth.

They flirted with each other in front of her. !?

'This bitch!'!

Amber was angry that released Lucas's hand, standing behind them and listened to them coldly.

It seemed that they didn't notice Amber's angry so that she only glared at Lucas's back.

Since he came over, there was no sign of her in his eyes any more. Lucas only focused on talking to Rachel.

The way he talked was so gentle, completely different from the way he used to be when he was with her, cold and distant.

The mixed feelings of envy and grief welled up in Amber's heart.

Lucas's eyes were covered with a layer of shadow. He pressed his good-looking lips and said in a low voice, "You wait here, and I'll go over and have a look."

Hearing that, Amber said hurriedly, "I'll go with you."

He looked at her coldly and frowned. "What are you going to do? You can wait here."

Amber bit her lower lip and her eyes turned red. She looked at him with tears in her dark eyes and felt wronged.

Lucas couldn't stand her being like this. He sighed slightly, gently said helplessly, "You wait here. I have to deal with something."

She pursed her lips and nodded reluctantly with her head lowered.

He couldn't help reaching out to rub her head. But when he just raised his hand, it seemed that something came to his mind. He looked at one side and saw Rachel looking at him.

At the moment, he slightly blushed, and an unnatural expression flashed across his face. He put down his hand, clenched his fist against his lips and cleared his throat. "I'll go and see. Don't worry. "

Obviously, he said these words to Rachel. Before Rachel reacted, Amber answered first, "Okay."

Lucas didn't know what to say.

Rachel either.

After he left, Amber turned around to look at Rachel. The more she looked at her, the more upset she felt.

It would be no problem if she was ugly, but...

Wait, why did she seem to have met this woman before?

While she was looking at Rachel, Rachel spoke first, "Hello, I'm Rachel."

Amber smiled and shook hands with her. Then she said with a sweet smile, "Nice to meet you. I am Amber."

It's not a strange name for Rachel. She knew Amber was one of daughters in Ying Family.

So many things happened on the day when she attended the banquet that it was not difficult for Rachel to remember.

Amber sat beside her and asked, "Aren't you nervous about this?"

She curved her lips and asked, "For what?"

"Isn't your doctor most afraid of this kind of medical trouble?"

Rachel said with a faint smile, "the fact is the truth. If you didn't do anything wrong, you don't have to be panic."

"I see... Well, that's right." To avoid being too obvious, Amber slowed down he

raised her voice, "You're married! You have husband!"

"Yes... Excuse me... " She frowned and was somewhat unhappy, "It's none of..." Amber interrupted her angrily.

"So don't get too close to Lucas! Watch out your manner!"

Rachel's mouth twitched. Over the years she had known Lucas, no one had ever said that to her.

She looked over the girl. She saw that she behaved intimately with Lucas just now. Thinking of what she had heard from Mendes, she recalled the female voice she had heard on the phone.

Then she realized that the girl might be Lucas' girlfriend.

Rachel didn't know what made Amber misunderstand that she had something to do with Lucas. She thought for a moment and explained, "Lucas and I grew up together. We..."

But Amber interrupted her again. She shouted angrily, "Don't close to him! You have married. You don't have any relationship with him, do you know? I know Lucas is a good person! But please pay attention to your behavior."

Rachel had to interrupt her.

"Your husband is the president of MK Group, isn't he? I know that the Fu Family has a prestige in Ning City. Since you are married, can't you pay attention to the reputation of your own? Or do you want find another man outside just because your relationship with your husband is not good? Miss Rachel! The relationship was abnormal! Please think it through!"

All of a sudden, Amber heard the slowly and unhurried voice from the door, "Miss Ying, don't you think you should poke your nose into my business? Does my family have anything to do with you?"

Both of them turned back. When she saw him step in slowly, Amber was shocked. 'Why was he here?'

Jack came in front of them and moved to Rachel's side. With a faint smile on his cold face, he said, "We don't have a good relationship? I wonder where you heard about it. Don't you know that slander is against the law?"

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