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   Chapter 130 Apologized To Rachel

Trapped In Lace By Six Characters: 9666

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Lucas frowned and said, "Something happened to Rachel. I have to go back to see her."

Hearing Rachel's name, Amber's expression changed, "Rachel Shen? The one was in the same college as you?"

"Yes, I'm sorry. We can make an appointment another day." He hurriedly turned around and was about to leave.

If Lucas had to leave for some other urgent things, Amber would have nothing to say. But she couldn't bear that he had to leave for another woman.

Amber had tried her best to date with him together. At this moment, she hurried up a few steps and hastily grabbed his arm, trying not to show any envy or anger on her face.

She held back her anger and looked at him with expectations. "What happened? Is it serious? Can I go with you? I'm free now."

After hesitating for a while, Lucas agreed.

Amber held his hand and pretended not to notice his sudden stiffness.

She smiled and said, "Let's go."

She wanted to see what was special about this woman, Rachel. She had stayed with Lucas for such a long time and had been taken care of by him.

She didn't believe that the relationship between them was as simple as that between two classmates in the same college. But obviously, Lucas was attached to that man, so this woman must have been pestering him.

Amber had been imagining all the scenes in her mind before she could show off her 'intimate' relationship with Lucas to Rachel later on.

What Rachel didn't know was that she had made so many 'enemies'.

As for Sheila, she couldn't swallow her anger, but she knew clearly that she couldn't defeat this hospital alone.

Moreover, the hospital belonged to the Zhou Family. She had learnt about that. If she fought against the whole Zhou Family on my own, it's like kick against the pricks.

Sheila believed that the doctor was responsible for her sister's death.

It happened that Sheila got a new 'boyfriend'. Her boyfriend's father was the chief of the police station, so she complained to him what had happened.

Unsurprisingly, her boyfriend promised at once that he would definitely help her with this matter.

But Sheila didn't expect that he would be so violent to arrest two doctors without the legal process.

He did not check the background of the hospital but only wanted to vent his anger to them for Sheila.

The bully was always so used to this kind of situation. As a result, he plucked the tiger's hair.

When they were flirting with each other in the girl's boudoir.

Suddenly someone broke in. A few minutes ago, Sheila was about to ask him how it was going.

She had planned to torture the two doctors. She hated them so much.

She wanted to make it a big thing with the help of the man. But she didn't expect that the way he dealt with it was so bad.

In her room, Sheila had wanted to talk to this man and ask him what had happened in the hospital.

But the man waved h

ple and she couldn't learn how to make a sophisticated person.

The only thing she could do now was to maintain the peace on the surface. Doctor Wang would not apologize to her for no reason.

Rachel also knew who was pressing her to come here.

Rachel didn't know how to deal with this situation, so she could only use this kind of euphemistic way.

Rachel had to pretend that she didn't hear the rumors about her marriage, in order to save the faces of both of them.

Troubles came one after another these two days. Rachel raised her hand and rubbed her forehead, hoping that these things could be finished as soon as possible.

She had no idea what had happened. Her life and work suddenly became a mess.

When she was thinking, her phone suddenly rang. It was from the man who made her a mess.

Jack asked in a low voice, "Are you available now?"

Rachel checked the time and sighed, a little tired, "yes."

On the other side, Jack was driving. Hearing her sigh, he frowned and said, "Why are you sighing?"


It was rare that she played jokes on him. After being surprised, Jack couldn't help smiling. He tapped on the steering wheel with his slender fingers and said, "I'll be at your hospital soon."

In Rachel's opinion, their efficiency in dealing with things is quite high. But in the view of Jack, the time given to Chief Ren was long enough.

He was about to skip Chief Ren and ask his superior to handle this issue.

Fortunately, the man was somewhat intelligent. He called early to apologize, and said that he had checked out the matter, inviting them to go to the station at noon.

However, Jack didn't receive his call at noon until he finally called back when Jack almost lost his patience.

Lucas also receive the call from his father who asked him to go to the police station.

Police station?

Amber was confused. "Why do we need to go there? What happened?"

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