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   Chapter 126 It Was A Mistake

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Therefore, few people in the Ning City would offend or even become enemies with the Fu Family.

Nobody would be so stupid to pull the hair out of a tiger's butt to imply that he was impatient to live.

Ever since they knew the identity of Jack, the attitude of the three people had changed drastically.

They arrived at the police station one after another. When the car door was opened, the policeman, who had been impatient, showed them a very polite attitude and led them to the reception room.

There was no need to guess the reason why they changed their attitude. They went into the reception room, followed by Executive Fang. He looked a little uneasy.

On the contrary, the five-year-old Mendes, looked much calmer than him. He sat between Rachel and Jack and looked around.

When a beautiful policewomen in uniform sent them the tea, Rachel thanked her politely. The little boy, Mendes, was also so adorable to thank her sweetly.

The female officer smiled back.

Seeing that they were not panic at all, Executive Fang gradually calmed down.

He raised his head and looked at the two men in front of him, with a trace of inquiry in his eyes.

The two people sitting opposite looked almost the same calm and indifferent. Rachel's indifference was harmonious with the cold demeanor of Jack.

Sitting next to Jack, this delicate woman did not look inferior to him at all.

Up to now, Executive Fang still couldn't accept the news that Rachel was the daughter-in-law of the Fu Family? ?

He only knew that Rachel had a good relationship with the president, and she was Lucas's classmate.

At that time, Executive Fang thought secretly that this might be the future Mrs. Zhou.

But he didn't expect that she was from a rich family. No wonder President Zhou asked him to take good care of Rachel.

Fu Family...

Executive Fang looked at her again and wanted to say something. But somehow he grew coward and didn't dare to go forward. The trouble was started because of his nephew.

Why they were here were all because of Dr. Austin.

Executive Fang felt guilty.

The case was a medical accident. The patient was not lucky.

The real cause of the accident was the decision of Dr. Austin in the operating. It was the irreparable ending.

Dr. Austin told Executive Fang everything later, who had thought that it's was an accident. Anyway, he would save his nephew, but he did not expect that Austin still hid things from him.

He had never thought of that the police would come over and take Austin away. Since the corpses of the deceased had been burned into ashes, there was no testimony of witness against death. Obviously, the other party took advantage of the police to punish them.

Unfortunately, they didn't find out the investor behind the hospital.

It was hard to deal wit

n a hurry and almost knocked down the person behind.

Both of them were startled and stepped back. Executive Fang steadied himself and cleared his throat. He smiled gently and said, "Hello, Chief Ren. I want to ask where my nephew is. He was brought here in the afternoon by the police, saying that he is involved in a murder."

A touch of embarrassment flashed across Chief Ren's face. He said stiffly, "I'm sorry. Please have a seat inside. I'll go check what happened."

Jack puffed out a cloud of smoke, put out his cigarette and looked at the shop direction. He slightly twisted his black eyebrows.

In the shop, Rachel was handing over Mendes back to Lucas, who had no idea of what was happening in the hospital. Not long after she and Jack went out of the police station, they received a call from Lucas.

It had been almost one day that Rachel realized that Lucas would come back tonight.

Feeling a little tired, Lucas took the stuff from Rachel and rubbed Mendes's soft hair, smiling. "Your father will be here tomorrow morning."

It took a while for the little boy to understand what he meant. He blinked his eyes and looked at him in a daze.

Suddenly, he cheered and jumped up from the ground, which made Rachel feel a little funny.

Luckily, Mendes's dad finally came back and this child could end his "boarding" life.

When Rachel got back to the car, the smile at the corners of Rachel's eyes and brows had not faded away.

Before she came back, Jack had already lowered the car window to make the smoky smell disappear in the car and cleaned the air with the mint spray.

He remembered that this woman's nose was sensitive to the smell of smoke. He was so careful and Rachel noticed that when she got in the car.

Sniffing it gently, she raised his eyebrows and said, "Why did you spray something?"

He asked casually, "Does it smell bad?"

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