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   Chapter 125 Go To The Police Station Together

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The hospital was in uproar again.

Rachel also knew that Kevin had been taken away. She couldn't stop thinking about the strange look on his face, and the way he said that it was just an accident.

She had her suspicions, but she wasn't sure whether Kevin had anything to do with it until she heard that he had been taken away to the police station.

Rachel didn't know that Sheila was involved. She was shocked when she heard that Kevin had been arrested.

'Murder? What the hell is going on?'

Everyone in the hospital was talking about the news that Kevin had been arrested.

It was rumored that Kevin was under suspicion of attempted murder.

Could the elegant Kevin possibly be a murderer? Nobody could believe it, but none of them knew the truth.

Maybe there would be more news the next day.

They all just sighed. It looked like Kevin was really out of luck.

'Out of luck?' Rachel shrugged, not feeling inclined to say what she was thinking. She knew that there was a reason for what had happened to him.

She didn't really care what happened to Kevin, but she couldn't really keep herself out of the whole affair.

Not long afterward, Rachel received another call from Sheila. She asked her again coldly, "Dr. Rachel, do you still refuse to tell me the truth?"

Rachel was astonished by the question. 'Truth? What truth?'

"I have told you everything I know." She had nothing else to say.

To her surprise, Sheila's next words were, "Just wait and see."

It sounded like a threat, but Sheila hung up the phone before Rachel could respond.

Half an hour later, the meaning of Sheila's words became clear to Rachel.

It had been three hours since Kevin was arrested. Everyone felt it was the most exciting event that had ever happened in the hospital.

Then the police came back to the hospital. At that moment, Rachel was off duty.

This time, they went directly upstairs. This was puzzling to everyone.

At that moment, the executive was still thinking about the troubling matter of Kevin, when they called him again anxiously, "Executive Fang, there's more trouble! Come down! The police have come back. They're taking Rachel away this time!"


Many doctors, nurses, and patients had gathered at the door of Rachel's office. They were more astonished than ever before to see that she was being taken away.

What could be the meaning of this? It seemed like these cops were arresting people randomly for no imaginable reason.

Rachel was much calmer than Kevin had been. She kept a poker face when she looked at the three cops, and smiled slightly. "Sorry, I must know the reason before I go with you."

Someone in the crowd began to whisper, "Why did they come here twice? Are these cops fake?"

Everyone was on the alert after they heard that.

Rachel looked more closely at the uniforms of the police officers. She saw that the uniforms had ID numbers on them, but sh

his whole business had something to do with Sheila.

Jack, however, didn't know the details. He thought for a moment and said, "I'm her husband. Can't we go together?"

The leader of the policemen nodded and said, "Just come with us to the station and waste no more time here. The sooner you come, the sooner it's over."

Unsure of what this was all about, Jack held Mendes and followed them.

The executive was still in shock. He couldn't understand how Rachel had become the wife of the MK Group president. He had thought she was just a relative of his.

When they were gone, the head nurse asked him nervously, "Executive Fang, what should we do? What happened?"

The executive came to his senses and ran straight after Jack to catch up with him.

As they walked out of the hospital, Jack pointed to his car in the parking lot and said, "May we drive by ourselves?"

One of the three men, who had a pudgy appearance, seemed annoyed by his request. But before he could say anything, Jack handed him his business card.

All of the three policemen were stunned by what they saw, and immediately felt uncertain of what to do.

Jack had one hand in his pocket and looked perfectly calm. "You can go to the MK Group to find us if you think we'll run away.

Oh, I almost forgot to introduce myself. I'm Jack Fu."

On the business card he had handed them, his name was on it. Jack Fu.

The CEO of MK Group.

These policemen couldn't afford

to offend a powerful man like that.

Sheila, in order to revenge her sister, hooked up with the son of a powerful man.

She had intended to take advantage of the man's family background to punish Kevin and Rachel, but she had never expected to cross Jack.

The Fu family was one of the wealthiest families in Ninwell City, but obviously their wealth alone was not what made them the most dominant clan.

The Fu family was the most powerful because of many complicated social relationships.

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