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   Chapter 124 Dr. Austin Was Taken Away By Police

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She did not expect that Sheila would come to her again.

Perhaps it was because she had gone through the most difficult time, Sheila was not as emotional as she had been before.

"Dr. Rachel, I want to ask you one more time about my sister."

Rachel closed her eyes and didn't know why she was so determined. Rachel leaned back and stared at the car hood.

"I have told you everything I know." Her throat was so dry that she could hardly speak.

This time, Sheila came here with full preparation. She did not immediately respond, and there was silence at the other end of the phone.

The car honking faded in ten seconds until Rachel could hear her voice again. "Can I ask my sister's medications? Did you find Dr. Austin's wrong prescription? You never told me that! Why did you tell me you have told me everything?"

Rachel didn't know where she got the news. Now that she would come to ask, she must have known something.

There were too many people in the hospital, even the executive's order didn't work.

Rachel answered very cautiously, "Dr. Austin didn't prescribe wrong medicine. We just had an argument over how we used it."

Rachel was not telling a lie or saying words for Dr. Austin.

Dr. Austin didn't follow her advice to change the medicine into imported ones, but it didn't cause the death of the patient.

The serious consequence was caused by that the patient's condition became worse because of the delay of time, which was the reason why she couldn't be saved in time.

If it was a medical accident, the attending doctor should not be punished according to only this.

Rachel regretted that she didn't take her responsibility and found out this matter earlier.

The patient might not be able to make it in such a short time. But it's not sure that the patient wouldn't die even if she found it earlier.

Rachel explained to Sheila the reason why the medicine was used and she just took part in the first treatment and check-up job.

Rachel had no idea what had happened during the cure. Sheila's suspicion was just suspicion, because she had no evidence.

Rachel thought that the reason why the patient died not totally caused by Dr. Austin's prescription.

Although there were records in the hospital during the treatment, Rachel could not see all of them, including the last operation.

And although the executive of the hospital asked them together to talk about it in public, if he wanted to hide something from them, there were many ways.

Therefore, if Sheila wanted to know the cause of her sister's death, she could only investigate from the day the patient was sent to the hospital or asked for the body check.

Sheila didn't listen to Rachel at all. In her opinion, Rachel was just excusing for the hospital and the doctor who had killed her sister.

Before hanging up the phone, she said angrily, "Do you deserve to be a doctor? That was the end of the medical ethics! Inhuman! If the one who died is your family, how can you make up so many excuses? You will pay for it! This matter won't end in this way."

The woman on the other side

science, he would not be afraid of the police. Therefore, the corners of Sheila lips curved. She gave a cold glance at the executive next to her.

The executive couldn't stop the police taking Dr. Austin away. The police didn't even give him a reason. It said that Dr. Austin was suspected of murder and would be taken away for questioning.

Murder! No evidence at all! No one was dead!

The dead patient's funeral already finished the day before. The executive heard it clearly.

He thought things would have come to an end, but unexpectedly, Sheila turned back.

The executive was so angry that his face changed. He couldn't stop the police taking the man away, otherwise the police would warn him of obstructing the work.

He turned around and saw that the woman standing outside was the one who had made trouble that day?

Executive Fang bit his teeth and finally knew what happened. He strode to Sheila and asked in a low voice, "Miss Sheila, what do you want? "

She slowly raised the corner of her lips and coldly said, "Justice!"

Without waiting for his response, she turned around and left behind the policemen.

Executive Fang knew it clearly in his mind that this woman must come from a powerful and influential family.

Otherwise, the policemen would not arrest the doctor without any reasons.

But he didn't expect that this woman would take action in such an extreme way.

Dr. Austin was his nephew!

Seeing that things had been out of control, Executive Fang hurried back to his office and picked up his phone. He quickly dialed the number of the president abroad. As soon as it was connected, he anxiously said, "Hello! President Zhou..."

As soon as Dr. Austin was taken away, everyone was talking about it in the hospital. A lot of patients came to ask the doctor and the nurse about it curiously.

Of course, nurses said they didn't know, and it was impossible for them to tell that a doctor was taken away because one of his patient died.

If such a thing was revealed, it would create a disturbance among the patients.

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