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   Chapter 123 Asking for An Explanation

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Dr. Austin sat in a daze. It was out of his expectation that Rachel didn't say about the prescription.

Rachel was very upright and dedicated, especially when she found out that there was something wrong with his prescription, she reminded him repeatedly, but he ignored her and went away with sarcasm.

Austin thought Rachel wouldn't let him go easily.

But he didn't expect...

When Rachel finished, the executive slightly sighed, looked up at Sheila and said, "Miss. Sheila, have you heard it? We still have records. If you don't believe, we can provide you with any record of her condition during her stay in hospital."

Sheila couldn't stand his explanation. She shouted angrily, "What I want is not the doctors' verbal words! It's not the evidence! The doctor told me she would be fine after 12 hours' observation in the ICU. But what happened next? My sister died."

"She had been stayed there for 28 hours. During this time, you told me she was okay! I asked your doctors and nurses! None of you told me what happened to my sister."

Sheila almost lost control and cried out, and the following words were difficult to hear.

Rachel took a look at Dr. Austin who was sitting in the corner, poker faced.

What a chaotic afternoon. Everyone tried to comfort the mother and daughter.

But they never believed that the death of the patient had nothing to do with the hospital.

There was no evidence to prove that it's related, which relieved the executive.

That night, Rachel didn't come back from the hospital until nearly midnight.

At midnight, there were few cars on the street. Rachel drove as fast as she could all the way home, with her head buzzing. It was about to explode.

Before she went home, she went to see the dead. Her clean face looked still very young, at the age of twenty-five or twenty-six, covered with a white cloth.

Rachel took a deep breath and slowly covered the cloth again. She felt like a black hole was breaking open in her heart. All her negative emotions were rushing into the black hole desperately.

When she came out, her hands and feet were slightly cold. She didn't know if the air conditioner was on or there was any other reason.

Rachel was thinking what if Doctor Lin had changed the medicine in time.

Or during the past two days when she was inspecting her, she should had tried more to take good care of her. At least, it would not be like this.

As she walked in the corridor, someone called her from behind, "Doctor! Doctor!"

Rachel stopped. She heard the footsteps behind her and turned around and saw Sheila's red and swollen eyes.

This lady looked like her sister very much. Rachel's throat slightly trembled, and slowly put her hands into the two pockets in the white robes.

She heard her cold voice coming out of her throat. "What's up?"

"Doctor!" She reached out her hands and wanted to hold Rachel, but somehow she felt it was impolite and took them back.

Sheila slightly lowered

s of the prescription of the diseased patient. And what she suggested was retorted by Dr. Austin.

At that time, they were still secretly laughing at Rachel, but the fact turned out to be like this, which made everyone stunned.

The way they treated Rachel was different because she was transferred, and the executive of the hospital had informed them, so they were more cautious about this matter.

Because it was related to two doctors.

If they still wanted to have the job here, it was not wise to spread the information that was not good for the hospital's reputation.

Everything returned to the peaceful state, but there was a faint sense of restlessness in Rachel's heart.

After a busy day, when she stopped to take a rest, she found that her throat was very thirsty. She went back to the office and got a cup of warm water and drank it slowly.

Warm liquid slid down her throat and relieved the dry pain.

All work had been handed over. From the next day on, she would leave surgical department and work upstairs.

Before she left work, she counted the stuff at hand for the last time and handed it over to the department director.

After leaving his office, Rachel went downstairs, thinking about something.

Lucas said that he would come back the next day. Mendes had lived in the Fu Family for a long time, Rachel was about to call to pick up the kid.

As soon as she took out her phone, she received a call from a stranger.

Rachel took out the car key, unlocked the car door, answered the phone and sat in the car.

"Hello, who's that?"

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone, and a familiar female voice said, "Hello, Dr. Rachel."

The voice was a little hoarse as if she had cried. And the background was also a little noisy. It was like the road side, where the sound of cars passing by was very clear through the phone.

Rachel had guessed who's speaking on the other side of the phone. She paused and said, "Hello."

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