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   Chapter 122 Rescue Invalid

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Rachel was right. The patient had been in a bad condition and was sent for rescue in the afternoon.

Rachel only knew that something would happen if they didn't change the medicine. But she didn't expect it happened so quickly.

Even Dr. Austin didn't realize it. He changed his clothes and entered the operating room hurriedly.

After ten minutes of operation, there was sweat on Dr. Austin's forehead. With the same situation as last time, the patient was in a critical condition.

And her vital signs were slowly falling, and the cold sweat on his forehead was more and more appearing.

They found that the patient's wounds didn't heal well and even slightly infected.

Everyone in the operating room was worried. No matter how hard it was, Dr. Austin just want to finish the operation.

He thought he could win Rachel!

Especially after what happened in the morning, Dr. Austin was really mad at her.

If he failed this operation, he would be sneered by Rachel!

The more he thought about it, the more he felt ashamed, although that it would never happen in reality.

But at that moment all he could think about was that he had to do it by himself! 'I can do it myself!' 'I was no worse than Rachel!'

Half an hour had passed when Rachel was asked to go to the operation room.

It was said that the situation was very critical. Rachel was extremely surprised. She never thought that the patient would get worse so soon.

Without warning, she changed the operation clothes hurriedly. Before she entered the operating room, the door opened from inside.

When the nurse came out, Rachel was taken aback and her heart skipped a beat.

She looked at her calmly, with her lips slightly wriggling under the mask, and said, "Dr. Rachel, there's no need to go in... The rescue is invalid..."

Rachel was stunned and didn't go on.

People died in the hospital every day. Sometimes, there were more than two or three a day.

What happened today has drawn a lot of attention in the hospital. The female patients were sent here that day and were announced to be dead at 4:28 p.m.

The families of the deceased couldn't accept the result. They were crying in the operating room.

The executive and the director of the hospital, who got the news, rushed over at once. They saw that this family was making trouble again.

He was displeased, but he didn't know the details, so he had to let people control the scene. When he arrived at the operating room, he saw a haggard old woman holding her daughter on the operating table, crying to death.

He stepped back and said something with the person behind him and left.

That patient's death had caused a disturbance. Her family blamed the doctors for not treating her properly and didn't accept that her condition worsened and invalid rescue.

While they were quarreling fiercely, it was quite quiet in Rachel's office. She returned to the office and there's nothing else to do.

But s

gligence in their hospital.

It turned to Rachel to report. And Dr. Austin immediately looked up at her.

He couldn't hide his nervousness. Rachel was the only one who could put him to death in this situation, as long as she told others about the medicine.

Then, no matter what the reason was, he would be responsible.

If the mother and daughter called the police, the operation could completely blame him for the accident.

Dr. Austin recalled his paranoid opinion in the surgery that he was able to do it well.

The face of the dead woman seemed to flash past him again, and her corpse was still in the hospital.

The mother was not in the mood to listen to what they said at all, only Sheila forced herself to try to find something related to her sister's death from their reports.

She had seen this Rachel a few times and she didn't know why she thought that Rachel was more reliable than the male doctor.

Because the male doctor kept telling them that her sister's fine. But the truth was there was no sign of her getting better.

On the contrary, from the first day on, this female doctor had been keeping her attitude and said that her sister was not in a good condition.

Until her sister died, at this moment she believed more in what this female doctor said.

She hoped that she could hear something different from the female doctor's words.

Some were terrified, and some were looking forward to it.

The executive stood in front of her with a serious face, waiting for her report.

But in fact, Rachel was very clear what kind of answer the executive wanted.

Rachel curled up her finger on her knees faintly, her long eyelashes covered the dark emotions in her eyes. She said in a plain voice, explaining clearly about the patient's situation in these days.

The information Rachel reported was almost the same with what the nurse said.

The record also showed that there was no problem in the course of treating the patient.

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