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   Chapter 120 Transferred To The Cardiology Department

Trapped In Lace By Six Characters: 10012

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The breakfast was served after 10 a.m. Rachel adjusted to the mid-shift.

Nearly noon, she left home and went to the hospital, while Jack took the child to Fu Family.

The boy was a big shot in the Fu Family. Although Tracy didn't show how much she liked this child, she didn't object her husband doting on him.

She wanted a grandson more than anything, but unfortunately she didn't have the chance at this moment.

When Rachel arrived at the hospital, it wasn't the time to be on duty. Everyone had gone off work for lunch.

She went back to her office and sorted out the documents. Then she received a call from Lucas, who asked about Mendes.

Rachel told him that he was sent to Fu Family by Jack and Jonathan wanted to see this child.

On the other end of the line, Lucas couldn't help but laugh, and bantered, "He is popular wherever he goes. "

He was not a very good-looking child with mild temper, but unexpectedly got many people's favor.

Lucas sighed deeply and said, "His father will be back in two days. By the way, Will Jack send him back today? If possible, I will pick him up at the hospital this evening."

"I suppose so." They went to Fu Family at noon and played the whole afternoon. Jack could send him back when they were duty off.

Rachel suddenly thought of something. 'Does Jack have so much spare time to take care of this kid?'

"Okay," Lucas was about to say something, but someone far away called him. "Please wait a moment." He said on the phone.

Then he put the phone aside. Rachel could only hear the slight sound from the phone.

Vaguely, Rachel heard a woman's voice. Maybe she was sensitive that reminded of what Mendes told here the days before. 'Does Lucas have a girlfriend?

Who's she?' She couldn't help but gossip in her heart, with the pen spinning at the fingertips.

She had no any feeling of jealousy or other uncomfortable emotions. She was just curious.

After a long time, Lucas came back and hurriedly told Rachel, "I'll contact you before I go back tonight. I have something to deal with now."

"Okay, bye."

Before he hung up the phone, Rachel clearly heard Lucas's voice, "Amber!"

Amber? Who is that?

It seemed that Lucas had some secret. It's known that he's on business.

Before she thought too much, her internal telephone rang. It was from the executive's office. Rachel answered it, "This is Rachel."

After coming back from the executive's office, Rachel knew that there was new progress on the matter which happened one day before.

It was said that the patient with a sudden heart attack had a relationship with the couple who came to make trouble. The patient is the first love of the husband.

The couple had a sick son, who was waiting for an operation on the sixth floor of the pediatric department. While the husband, with the money of his son's surgery, had donated money to support his first love in the ICU.

The story was told the wife, who was freaked out when she knew it.


envy were terrible things. Rachel didn't know that the rumors behind her were really nasty.

Only some smart people chose to not follow the gossips and get involved in it.

Talking behind people wasn't a good thing. Besides, Rachel had never offended anyone in the hospital except that she seemed unsocial.

But all of these began when she was promoted suddenly that some people began to feel unfair.

And someone incited them intentionally, so it was getting more and more troublesome.

Lucas had to deal with something and couldn't come back, so Rachel didn't call Jack to send Mendes back to the hospital that night.

Jonathan called her later that he wanted the child to stay two more days in Fu Family.

Rachel thought that Lucas wouldn't come back for a while, so she agreed.

After all, they got along quite well.

Because of the transfer of duty, Rachel not only had to hand over her work, but also had to change her office to follow up with Dr. Austin and contact the people in the cardiology department.

She had been very busy in the past two days. And the female patient sent two days before hadn't got better.

What's more, Dr. Austin had never met such kind of situation, which was in critical condition at any time.

It was just a simple cardiac surgery. But the patient was still in danger and her condition was not very good.

He was still worried about the patient, so he totally hand to Rachel.

In principle, he had to be responsible for it to the end, so Rachel only took the duty of inspection in these two days and making simple records of the situation.

However, when she looked at the female patient's condition, she also furrowed her brows deeply.

After thinking for a while, she went to ask Dr. Austin's prescription and dosage, two of which had been asked to replace.

It was obvious that Dr. Austin didn't follow her advice when she asked him to replace to another imported medicine. Instead, he was using the original prescription.

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