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   Chapter 118 Bathed Mendes

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It was still Rachel who knocked on the door.

She looked a little embarrassed, with handful bubbles. Her shoulders and hem of the clothes were wet. She said with a little helplessness. "Can you come to help me?"

The little brat in the bathroom began to do crazy things again. Rachel couldn't control him by herself, so she had to ask him out again.

Mendes was making trouble. Instead of taking a good bath, he was playing water, trying to swim in the bathtub, quite skillful in all kinds of ways.

He used to feel embarrassed to let others bathe him. But at this moment he changed. Rachel was worried about him if he was alone in the bathroom. She was afraid that he would slip on the ground and fall down.

She proposed to ask the little boy if he wanted her help. Last time, Mendes had been so determined to refuse her, but this time he agreed without hesitation.

Then, Rachel realized that it was a trap. When the kid saw the bathtub, he was so happy and excited. He took off his clothes and pants and then climbed into the bathtub.

Rachel was cleaning up his clothes and searching for body wash and shampoo. Before she found anything, she heard the water clapped behind.

She looked back and found that the little guy could not wait to sneak into the bathtub. He even took the bathtub as a swimming pool. Rachel couldn't deal with him alone, so she had to ask Jack to come.

Both of them didn't expect that it would be so difficult to take a little kid to take a bath. Mendes was very naughty and brought some small rubber ducks with him.

He kept pinching ducks and made noises.

Each of Jack and Rachel took a small stool to sit on the side. Seeing this, Jack turned his head in disgust and whispered, "You are too childish..."

She chuckled, "Don't be so serious with a kid."

"Mendes, come and get rid of the bubbles on your head."

She was wrapped in a big blanket on her knees. She had never bathed a kid, so she had learned how to take care of kids from the parenting methods on Internet.

However, actual actions were not that easy. So did Jack.

He couldn't handle such a kid if bathed him. Jack rolled up his sleeves and said, "Put the towel on my knees."

She measured Mendes weight and felt that she might not be able to support him, so she was obediently put the towel on the legs of Jack. She bent over and put the towel on his thighs with her slender hands.

Because they were so close to each other, he could smell her beautiful hair as long as she lowered head. He changed his sight and there was a surge of lust in his eyes. When Rachel adjusted herself and sat up, everything went back to peace.

"All right, Mendes, come here."

The kiddo tried to walk out of the bathtub with his chubby legs. Rachel struggled to hold him in her arms

aughty. We can't too indulge the child in the future."

Hearing what he said, both of them were stunned.

There were only two of them here. The implication in his words was that he wanted to tell Rachel that their child couldn't be so naughty in the future.

Jack didn't know whether Rachel understood his words or not, but he was shocked when he realized what he meant. When did he start to imagine that he could have a baby with Rachel?

Rachel straightened her waist and said after a moment of silence, "It's not early...


Suddenly, two people spoke at the same time. He heard that she was trying to drive him away. He suddenly calmed down and pulled her out of the room as if he had made a decision.

"What... What are you doing, Jack?"

When they went out of the room, he closed the door and leaned her against the wall. She was almost shrouded in his charm of height.

Invisible, Rachel felt a little pressure. She licked her lips and asked uneasily, "What are you doing?"

Jack felt that his mind had almost reached the edge of weakness, and he would fall into a bottomless chasm if he was not careful enough.

Especially her nibbling, which was like a silent seduction, almost made him suffocated.

"Rachel." He called her in a low voice with complex emotions in his eyes. He wanted to say something, but it was a bit difficult to say it.

What should he say to make Rachel accept his change?

Being blocked so straight here, Rachel was so nervous that her voice trembled slightly. "What... What's the matter with you?"

He could only look at her with a pair of deep eyes without saying anything.

Her nervous action appeared again. She involuntarily stuck out her tongue and licked her lips slightly.

It was like a bomb. It triggered an uproar in Jack's heart. He had gone through a lot to control his desire.

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