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   Chapter 114 In Critical Condition

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During his relaxing time, Rachel seemed to say something but he didn't hear clearly. After the patient was pushed out and the nurse notified the patient's families, Dr. Austin went to wash his hands, sanitized himself and changed his clothes. Rachel followed the patient to the ICU.

It was a mother and daughter who followed while wiping tears outside. They should be the patient's mother and sister.

They followed all the way to the ICU. The elderly woman turned around, grabbed Rachel's hand with tears in her eyes and thanked her in a choked voice.

The young lady sitting on the edge of the bed also thanked Rachel with red eyes. From their way of calling, Rachel knew that the patient was the woman's elder daughter, and the young lady was the patient's sister.

As she guessed.

Rachel accepted her gratitude and comforted the elder woman. Then she asked some questions about the patient's history.

The elder woman was too emotional to give a full answer.

The young lady on the side hesitated and said, "My sister has no medical history. She just caught a cold last two weeks." She bit her lips and emphasized, "My sister is always healthy. There's nothing wrong with her heart..."

Rachel lowered her head and recorded. She lifted her eyes and said indifferently, "The heart disease is divided into several kinds. There are many reasons for sudden heart attack, which are not inherited. It depends on the condition of the patient."

The young lady's face changed after heard that. She looked at her mother and then at Rachel. It seemed that she had something to say, but she cared about the person around her.

After thinking for a while, she didn't say anything more. She thanked Rachel for the last time. "Dr.! Thank you very much! Thank you!"

"You're welcome." Rachel nodded her head and put the book into her bag and said, "The patient is still in a critical condition. She needs to be observed twenty four hours."

As soon as she finished her words, the woman's face suddenly changed. She rushed up to Rachel, grabbed her hand and said nervously, "What do you mean that she's still in critical condition? Doctor! Did my daughter's surgery fail?"

Before Rachel could say anything, the young lady walked up to her mother and stopped her. She explained, "Mom, the doctor said that we should keep her under observation. Don't worry."

"Really? ?"

Facing her perplexed and suspicious eyes, Rachel nodded her head and comforted her, "Don't worry." Before she finished her words.

A nurse came out from the ICU. The woman said, "Can I go in and see my daughter?"

Rachel nodded her head. The woman couldn't wait to follow the nurse in.

After hesitating for a while, the young lady walked up to Rachel. "Doctor, can my sister pass the crisis safely?"

Rachel couldn't give her a complete answer about this, "The patient's condition is not very good now. We

disappointed on the other end of the phone, Jonathan didn't force her. "Jack told me that you sprained your ankle a few days ago. Take care of yourself and call him if you need anything."

Jonathan was not a long winded man. Since Rachel was not willing to come, he wouldn't force her.

Although he was concerned about her, he wouldn't always talk about it. "Don't work too hard. Mr. Zhou often praised me for your ability to work. I am very proud of you, but meanwhile, I am a little upset."

Rachel listened to him carefully. The corner of her mouth slightly raised, and then she lowered her head again. "Upset for what?"

On the other end of the line, Jonathan smiled bitterly and said, "As a member of Fu Family, it's not necessary to work so hard."

"Ha-ha... Don't take it too seriously. I'm not working hard, but dedicated."

"The relationship between doctor and patient is so tense. You..." But Jonathan didn't think it was a good idea to say this to Rachel. He thought it might disappoint Rachel, so he changed the topic. "Anyway, don't work too hard. Go home for dinner when you're free."

He said so many words, which made Rachel feel warm.

Mendes was discussing with Jonathan what time to go Fu's house in a cheerful voice.

It was so positive for him at this moment.

Rachel shook her head helplessly and smiled.

Dr. Austin went to see the patient after he cleaned himself, while the mother and daughter were sitting outside in a trance.

The woman's eyes reddened with sobs. She hadn't recovered from the shock yet.

When he finished the examination, Dr. Austin found that they were talking about something in a low voice. The woman saw him and said, "Why changed the doctor?"

"Changed?" Dr. Austin looked up and frowned, "Are you the family of Miss. Lin?"

"Yes Yes..." Miss Lin's mother responded tremblingly. Her eyes turned red before she could speak. "Doctor, how is my daughter?"

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