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   Chapter 111 Changed His Mind Suddenly

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It was the best choice to send her away.

"You don't have to apologize for this." Rachel said, "I hope you can keep your word. If it happens again. It's not that easy to let her go."

She was seldom mighty, but this time she impressed Jack deeply. It seemed that Celine had pissed her off that she had spoken out a lot of harsh words.

"It won't happen again." He paused, with a touch of embarrassment in his eyes. He put fist against his lips and coughed, "Before, I... Have broken up with Celine. It's my fault not well deal with our relationship."

Rachel understood what he meant. She curved her lips and said, "I really don't understand. Since you loved her so much before, why did you broke up so easily?"

This question was so sharp that Jack's face darkened. He didn't show any unhappiness this time, and answered after a moment of silence, "I thought I could maintain the relationship by myself."

Rachel didn't expect this answer. To be more specific, he would really answer her question.

And she felt a little sad about his answer.

There was a moment of silence between them. After a while, Rachel stood up and said, "I'll go to sleep first, you..."

Jack also stood up, "I'm going to bed too."

He looked at Rachel's feet and asked, "What's wrong with your foot?"

"Much better. Thank you." It seemed that they were back to the situation where Jack began to be estranged from her. He pursed his lips slightly and didn't know how to deal with her attitude which was obviously alienated.

But it wasn't him who did something wrong.

After all, he didn't dare to say he had made the decision that broke up Celine for a long time and started to care about Rachel suddenly.

He even couldn't explain his feeling clearly, but this was the reality. His love for Rachel was stronger day by day.

Even when he saw the miserable look on Celine face, he couldn't tell how much he felt for her. The only feeling he got was just pity for her.

He felt surprised and ashamed at such a change.

Celine was the woman he treasured for several years. He was not that much touched when he saw her after only a short period of time since he decided to leave her.

Jack couldn't say these words to Rachel. He started to doubt why his attitude had changed so suddenly.

On second thought, Jack found it not strange if he carefully thought about it.

If it was him, he would doubt himself as well.

He wondered his feeling to Rachel just because he hadn't touched any woman for a long time, or because he was attracted by her.

They went upstairs together and went back to their rooms.

It was thought that there would be a serious confrontation, but it ended unexpectedly in this harmonious way, the tension between the two was resolved.

The rain outside the

from the bed with reluctance.

But he seemed to forget that he was also a member of the evilness.

Jonathan wanted Celine to leave the city, without any patience for her. Celine was resting in her apartment after been beaten by Lea and Rachel.

She was unable to meet someone else for the time being because of her injured face. She couldn't figure it out at all because of the attitude of Jack. According to her understanding, he would ask for the explanation from Rachel.

However, one afternoon and one night passed by, there was not even a message from him. The more she waited, the more panic she felt. She even stopped Rona from coming to visit her.

Until noon, there was still no news from Jack. Celine tried to send him a message, but received no reply at all.

Her heart sank all of a sudden, and she realized that the situation was terrible. She didn't know whether he was perfunctory or he couldn't ask Rachel for an explanation.

Celine didn't believe the second assumption. In the past few years, she had known very well what kind of person Jack was. She thought for a while, and finally did not call him.

Rarely had Celine calmed down, she sat on the sofa and thought carefully about when their relationship had developed to this.

She thought about it for a long time. It seemed that it had started after she attended the yacht party on the sea. She had no idea when Jack knew she lied to him.

Celine had been thinking about how to win back Jack's love. But she had never expected that his constant lies and dramas had forced him to give up his love to her.

When she was lost in her thoughts, the bell rang. Celine impatiently twisted her brows.

Looking at the time, it was estimated that the person coming here was probably Rona. She was very agitated. She had told Rona not to come here. How could she is so annoying.

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