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   Chapter 110 About Celine

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'Is that what he meant?' Rachel thought and

raised an eyebrow. "How do you plan to avenge Celine?"

"Avenge?" Jack chuckled, as if he heard a joke. With a sly grin, he asked, "How should I avenge her?"

Rachel pursed her lips, not having an answer. But he wasn't even expecting an answer. Hearing nothing, he walked past her and took his jacket off.

Rachel gaped as she stared at his strong back, his defined muscles were accented by the tight-fitted shirt.

Without his back facing her, Jack calmly asked, "Could you please prepare warm water for me? I got caught in the rain earlier and I would like to take a warm bath."

Before ascending upstairs, he hung his clothes on the armrest. This was strange, it wasn't what she had expected.

Rachel frowned. She wasn't his maid, why was he ordering her to do things for him?

"Hey!" Rachel quickly follow him up the stairs and found a half-naked Jack. For a while, she got entranced by his broad shoulders and well-defined chest that could make any teenage girl scream in delight.

"I'll take care of the issue with Celine. Don't worry about it. Could you please prepare some water for me now?"

She gave him a pointed look and crossed her arms. "You don't have a bathtub in your room. I can't help you."

Instead of arguing, Jack tilted his face and gave her a teasing smile. "I do remember that you have one in your room."

'Is this guy serious?' "You want to use my bathtub?"

She rolled her eyes. "No way! Don't you have a perfectly working shower in your bathroom?"

Ignoring her, he walked past her. "I'll be here later."

Before entering his room, he suddenly stopped. Without turning around, he said, "After I finish taking a bath, we can discuss how we'll solve the issue about Celine. For now, please prepare my bath."

Rachel blushed in fury and stared at the door to his bedroom.

'Asshole! I'm not his nanny!'

She had already had a script played in mind, listing down what she was going to argue back with. She sighed. That man surely got the better of her, rendering her speechless.

She looked at Jack's wet black jacket that was drenched from the rain.

A flicker of doubt crossed her mind. Where did Jack come from?

She took his jacket and ran upstairs. Before entering his room, she heard someone talking on the phone inside.

"Yes, something happened and I can't let her stay here any longer."

Curious, Rachel shamelessly eavesdropped as Jack spoke on the phone.

"We already broke up a long time ago. I don't want to be

l that always did things at the wrong time. Rachel slightly blamed Jack for spoiling her while they had been together.

She was willful and arrogant. Everyone had treated her politely for Jack's sake, even though they didn't like her.

That was the reason why Celine became even more unbearable. She had always been proud of herself for stirring up trouble with Rachel.

She thought her words and actions intimidated Rachel.

But she always lacked the sense of reason. Rachel could've answered back, but she didn't want to fight in public.

Every time they had encountered each other, Celine always called her a bitch, and frankly, she was getting tired of it.

"I suppose you already know that I've told Dad about it. He will handle the situation," Rachel said.

Jonathan didn't want to be too cruel to Rachel. The worst that he could do was drive her away from the city.

"I don't blame you for this matter," Jack finally said after a long pause. "I'm not apologizing for Celine, nor am I going to defend myself."

At this moment his attitude had changed. He wanted to look at things from a different angle.

In the past, Rachel had been more like a stranger to him and he had always thought of Celine.

But now, the closer he got to Rachel, the more he realized that he was wrong about her.

He wanted Celine gone, especially after the countless times that she had lied to him. Jack didn't have any reason or excuse to keep her. He also couldn't blame Rachel for what she had done to Celine.

Looking into her eyes, he sincerely said, "I'm so sorry for the trouble that she had caused you. But trust me when I say that from now on, you won't have to see her again."

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