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   Chapter 108 Fit Of Rage

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Celine looked pitiful, with red cheeks and clear fingerprints. Her hair was tousled by Lea's slap.

Lea's good temper was shown to her friends. Seeing Celine slapped Rachel, she immediately responded three slaps in return, which was quite a gesture of politeness to her.

Lea still wanted to punch her. But it was inappropriate to do so in such an occasion. So she controlled her anger and stared coldly at the woman in front of her.

It was Celine who rushed up to beat Rachel first, but at this moment she cried like a victim.

Rachel slowly wiped the water stains on her face. Fortunately, what Celine had thrown was ice water, not something like juice or sulfuric acid.

No one responded to Celine. She kept cried and finally felt bored. She stared at Rachel, gnashing her teeth with tears in her eyes. The calmer Rachel looked, the more irritated she became.

She ground her teeth and pointed to Rachel, "Bitch!"

Lea's hand trembled and almost lost control of herself. Rachel quickly pressed her hand down and raised the other hand in an instant.

Another slap at Celine. After a crisp sound, all the onlookers were in a daze, including Celine, who was beaten.

She raised her hand to cover her face and turned back little by little. She stared at Rachel in disbelief.

Celine's lips trembled, and her eyes were as sharp as a knife. She squeezed a venomous curse out of her throat, "Rachel! You fucking bitch! !"

At the moment, Celine almost jumped up. But this time, Lea stepped forward and stood in front of Rachel to protect her. Lea said to Celine coldly, "If you dare to say one more word, I'll take you to the hospital to have your mouth stitched."

Rachel pressed Lea's hand, gesturing her to calm down, and then turned to look at Celine.

The one who was supposed to be more embarrassed was Rachel, but her momentum was much bigger than Celine's. At that moment, Celine really wanted to go up and tear her into pieces.

When she was about to do something, she noticed that Lea was looking at her with sharp eyes. Celine trembled and stopped moving.

The only thing she could do was to stare at Rachel and said with hatred, "Rachel! Can you be more shameless? !"

Shameless? She wondered what she had done to displease Celine.

It had been faintly figured out that the reason why this woman would lose her mind and kick up a fuss was only because of Jack.

In the past, Rachel always tolerated too much, so there were always troubles. Didn't Celine should find Jack to solve the matters between her and Jack?

Celine always came to her and made trouble for her!

Rachel's sudden action scared Celine who took a step back and looked at her warily.

Rachel chuckled, "It was me who was beaten. Why are you so nervous?"

Rachel's words

an Rachel. If not the people from the coffee shop came up to mediate, it was not so easy to solve this matter, and Rachel didn't want to quarrel with her in public.

But this problem must be solved. She didn't want to be disturbed from time to time. Even if she was not getting on well with Jack, it had nothing to do with Celine!

Thinking of this, she slightly narrowed her beautiful eyes and said, "I won't easily let it go. If I don't get back, she'll think I'm easy to bully."

Thinking of Rachel's sudden outburst of emotion, Lea couldn't help but burst into laughter. She raised her thumb in praise. "Rachel, you were so cool! So murderous! Anyway, she is the third one. You should do this early. Don't be so polite."

At the mention of this, both Jack and Celine were disliked by her. Her previous favorable impression on him, which she had tried hard to get, disappeared completely because of Celine's drama.

Rachel thought for a while and then said, "Jack told me that he broke up with her, but I didn't know what had happened between them. She deserved it."

"What do you want to do with her?" Hearing that she seemed to have had a plan, Lea was a little excited and curious.

Rachel curled her lips into a faint smile. She knew that it's useless to find Jack. If he could control Celine, she wouldn't have done such a thing to Rachel again and again.

Anyway, she couldn't tolerate her for so many times stepping on her face. The ice water that was poured today might be sulfuric acid tomorrow.

Although she was somewhat relying on her power to bully others, she was also bothered many times by Celine who spoiled by Jack.

She slowly opened the address book, found the number and dialed it. Lea was curious who she called.

After a while, the phone was connected. Rachel tamely shouted into the phone, "Hi, Jonathan..."

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