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   Chapter 106 Took Care Of The Drunk Man

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Rachel was stunned and a strange feeling came over her. She stopped and turned around, "Are you sure? Do you know what you are talking about now?"

"I'm sure." He said in a low and deep voice, "I'm not completely drunk. I know my way home."

Rachel didn't know about what a drunk man looked like. So she thought his words were reasonable.

The two of them stood at her door, and the dim light in the room reflected his tall figure and handsome face, which were blurred in the darkness.

He thought a lot when he stood at the door, but when he saw the person, he didn't know what to say. He was silent for a while and then said, "About what happened today..."

Rachel's face changed. She was embarrassed when Jack brought it up. She coughed and decided to apologize. "It was all my fault for what happened tonight..."

"Hush..." He put his index finger on her lips. "Stop talking, listen to me first."

Rachel was not sure whether he was really drunk or not. She didn't know what he wanted to say so she kept silent and waited for him to speak.

But he didn't take his hand back. Instead, he put his hand on her lips and gently rubbed them for a while. When he touched her, Rachel got goose bumps on her back. And her blood was flowing over her head.

Before she lost her temper, Jack took his hand back and whispered, "Your mouth..."

Blue veins stood out on Rachel's forehead. 'Isn't he drunk?'

"As for what happened today, I never thought that you were embarrassing me."

He looked serious, and stared at her with a pair of deep and black eyes without blinking. "I just feel that the eyes of those people make me very uncomfortable..."

His voice was getting lower and lower.

"I don't like them looking at you in that way. Rachel, you don't have to be so stubborn. It's not a bad thing to be soft when you have someone to rely on."

It was rare for Jack to talk so much just in one breath. He was a little nervous after talking. Then he looked at Rachel and said in a lower and lower voice, "Don't treat me as an enemy. Rachel, I don't have any malice. You can get close to me. I apologize to you for the past things. It was my fault."

At that time, he almost didn't have any contact with this woman, so everything he saw was just the surface. He got angry because Eric went to meet Celine, so he vented his anger on Rachel.

Rachel's hands tightened. She was in a mess and didn't know what to say. She could only say, "You're drunk. Let's talk tomorrow."

He was slightly annoyed and stretched his hand to pull her shoulder. "I'm not drunk. I promise that everything I'm saying now is clear."

"Don't hold me like this." Rachel struggled slightly and said, "Can we talk about it tomorrow? I don't want to talk about it now. I'm sorry for what happened tonight. I shouldn't think about you that way."

With a sigh of relief, she finally managed to free herself from his arms. As soon as she could breathe, she sensed the strong sme

ong to you and your brother."

He was referring to Celine.

Just when Rachel thought he was trying to persuade her, she didn't expect that he suddenly changed the subject. He smiled and said, "Now it's the best time for you to take revenge. He thought he had done something wrong before, and now he's trying to make it up to you, but he was pissed off by you. For your behavior, I just want to say, well done!"

Rachel curled her lips and murmured, "I'm not that narrow-minded."

"Okay." Michael echoed her over the phone, "You doctors are so honest and loving."

She felt that Michael was saying something ironic to her.

"That's why I have to ask you to take care of Jack tonight. Don't worry, he won't do something crazy when he gets drunk. But you have to keep your eyes on him, in case he will probably wake up in the middle of the night to have a sleepwalking."

'In the middle of the night Sleepwalking? ?'

Rachel was not sure. She had heard about many strange things of drunk people, but she knew nothing about sleepwalking. It seems really dangerous.

She didn't know whether Jack had done this before. But if he woke up and went out suddenly, no one could take responsibility for what happened.

Rachel looked at the drunk man, touching her forehead. Then she followed her mind and went into the bathroom to get a wet towel to help him wash his face and hands.

Jack didn't move a bit, letting her taking care of him. Even if she did not do anything to him gently, he would pretend to do it till the end.

After cleaning his face, she went into the bathroom to wash the towel. Only after that did Jack open his eyes with a faint smile on his lips. He looked in the direction of the bathroom and closed his eyes, waiting for her to come out.

The alcohol was still lingering in his head, as he had imagined this woman for so many times in his dreams. The seductive scent from her body, in particular, was the root cause that he couldn't resist.

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