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   Chapter 103 Let's Go For A Snack

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Jack nodded. Just as she was about to exit, the girl abruptly turned around. "By the way, I haven't seen Celine for a long time. We should have dinner after work when you have time."

There was an awkward silence. Rachel glanced at both Jack and the girl. Based on what she had just said, it seemed that she was close to Celine. That had probably been why she was recruited in the first place.

Jack replied calmly, "I've been busy lately. Let's talk about it later."

"Okay..." The girl furrowed her brows in confusion, but didn't ask any more questions. She waved her to say goodbye.

When the door closed, Jack's eyes met Rachel's. They stared at each other for a while.

Her eyes looked bright for a moment before breaking eye contact. Deep inside, he felt guilty.

Still feeling awkward, Austin cleared his throat to break the silence. "Mr. Fu, please sign the papers. I'll have them processed right away."


He signed the documents without reading over them. Austin quickly grabbed the papers and headed straight for the door, shaking his head in disappointment.

The girl had been one of Celine's junior schoolmates. No wonder she had been surprised when she found Rachel in the room.

A few years back, Celine had managed to convince Jack into hiring her.

It hadn't been publicized that Jack and Celine had already broken up.

Jack wanted to explain to Rachel. Just as he was about to say something, he closed it, unsure about how he would have explained the situation.

Rachel broke the silence. "She's pretty cute."

"Well, she just graduated from college. She's still a little immature and needs to change her attitude when working."

She nodded her head and changed the topic. "When will you get off work?"

"Are you bored?"

There was a pregnant pause between them. Suddenly, an idea came into Jack's head. "Why don't we have dinner at the place you took me to the other night?"

Rachel frowned in confusion. "What place?"

"The snack street." He smiled at her.

She frowned as she thought Jack didn't like it there.

But his suggestion aroused her appetite. If she could choose, she would have gone there every day. The price was very reasonable and the food was delicious.

Jack had left work early in order to avoid getting stuck during rush hour.

Rachel's condition was slightly better today compared to the day before. She was able to walk a bit more, so she refused Jack's help.

When they came out of his office, the receptionist looked at them curiously. Her gaze settled on Rachel's foot

aurants and hotels, and fine dining in his tuxedos. It was strange to see him stuck in traffic and even more so, excited to eat at the snack street.

As if he read her mind, Jack licked his lips and said, "Are you doubting my preference?"


"You do know that eating yummy dishes is the meaning of life, right?"


She couldn't help but laugh.

After a few more minutes, the traffic began to subside.

By the time they had arrived at the street, it was already dark and crowded with people.

It looked so out of place, its busy streets in the middle of the city.

This time, Jack decided on the restaurant that they would be eating.

To her surprise, he chose a restaurant randomly. He pointed to the restaurant in the corner. "The menu there seems good. Let's go there instead."

She curled her lips and followed him inside.

It was much cleaner and less crowded than the previous one they had gone to. The tables and chairs inside were tidy. They sat near the windows. Since it was a bit hot today, the owner had turned the air conditioner on.

Jack ordered the food at the counter and set the tableware for her. Rachel saw that his appearance began to attract many curious eyes.

They weren't used to seeing a man in a suite eat at this bustling place. On the way back to the table, Jack could feel their stares, but decided to ignore them.

He came back with two meals and two bowls of soup for their dinner.

This restaurant was an old brand that had originated from Taiwan. Their food attracted a lot of attention because of their homely ambiance and good food.

"Here you are." Jack carefully placed the food in front of her and handed her the utensils.

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