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   Chapter 100 The Truth Was Known

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Just when she was desperate and at a loss, someone lifted the things pressing on her head. Rachel looked up blankly.

What came into her sight was a familiar face. Jack lifted the heavy things and carried her out of the suffocating space.

In a trance, she leaned on his thick shoulder like a ship that had parked in a dock. She finally came to the shore.

When she woke up, Rachel was still in a trance.

She felt safe when she rested her head on Jack's shoulder in her dream, which was how she felt in his arms last night.

From Jack... She felt the sense of safety?

She even couldn't believe that by herself. And to her surprise, it was Jack that called her to wake up in the morning.

Rachel felt that she had changed a lot. She used to sleep regularly and get up early every day, but now she needed to be called to wake up.

She was not fully awake from her dream. By instinct, she got up to change her clothes and freshen up. When she walked out of the bathroom, she found that her swollen ankle had reduced a lot. She felt better except for the pain when she walked on the ground.

Various kinds of delicious foods had been served on the table of the dining room, including the wide-style porridge earlier, porridge, cakes and so on.

She stopped and looked at them with unconcealed astonishment. They were all refined food from the five-star hotel.

However... 'Does Jack want to feed pigs?'

He was just walking out of the kitchen with a bowl and a pair of chopsticks. When he saw her coming down, he first laid his eyes on her ankle. Seeing that it had subsided a lot, his eyes softened slightly. The corners of his mouth tilted a little. "Sit down. Let's go to the hospital after breakfast."

Jack was setting the table. He looked at her and said, "Don't stand still. Come here."

She hesitated for a moment and slowly moved towards him. She pulled out the chair and sat down, and the smell of the food on the table immediately filled her nose.

Jack also sat down and looked at the table, in which there were enough breakfast for five or six people.

Seeing all kinds of food, Rachel didn't know which to start.

Jack said in a deep voice, "I don't know what you like to eat... So I asked them to bring these here."

He was speechless when he opened the door and found several people come in one after another until the table was full.

This man behaved like the emperor who was going to have his breakfast. Noticing that they sent too much food, the person in charge asked awkwardly after a while, "Mr. Fu, how many people are having breakfast?"

After a moment's silence, he said, "For two."

But the pig might not be that easy to eat up all of these.

So the person in charge asked timidly, "Should we remove some?"

The food they b

her face, she said, "I have to work. Excuse me."

Rachel saw her expression, and knew that it was unnecessary to explain at this time. She had to nod vaguely, "Thank you, Doctor Wang."

She nodded and suddenly said again, "There seemed to be something wrong with Rachel recently. She always gets hurt. Take care of her."

It sounded like Jack was Rachel's boyfriend and he nodded to the doctor.

He entered the room with her. The doctor was one of the experienced doctors in the hospital. He looked at her for a while and came back with liquid medicine.

Rachel lifted her foot on the stool and waited for the doctor to rub her tendon.

With his eyes fixed on her, Jack heard from Rachel suddenly. "Turn your head around."

"For what?"

She looked a little weird and said in a muffled voice, "Just turn around."

Puzzled, Jack didn't say anything, but turned his back on her as she asked. After a short while, he heard her groan with pain.

The doctor was really skilled. When he tried to turn the table, Rachel's face was distorted.

The pain was excruciating. The doctor smiled and took the tube of ointment. He opened the lid while saying, "It twisted seriously. You've been hard these days."

When he heard the noise, Jack turned around to look at Rachel. Rachel's distorted face was contorted in pain, with tears in her eyes.

She stretched out her hands and tried to hold her feet, but she hung in the air and sulkily dropped her feet with a pitiful look. Even if he looked at her, he would not help laughing. It was rare to see her face with such rich expressions.

The fragrance of the ointment spread in the air.

The doctor helped her apply the medicine and wrapped her wound with bandage. Then he said to Jack, "She cannot run or jump these days. Rachel is very clear about her condition. Just take good care of her."

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