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   Chapter 98 Getting Closer

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'I think too much?'

Lea didn't think so. She could tell Jack was really angry when he spoke to Lucas.

Actually, she was angry as well. Lucas just left Rachel there and didn't say anything to comfort her. All he wanted was to rush to the Ying family's villa. There seemed to be some hidden meaning in Rachel's words.

'Lucas is worried about someone? Could it be Claris?'

Just as Lea was about to ask, Rachel leaned back, looking tired, with her beautiful eyebrows knitted together slightly. Lea looked at her and noticed that her forehead was oozing sweat.

Feeling concerned about her, Lea leaned over and nervously asked in a low voice, "What's wrong? Are you feeling pain?"

Rachel didn't want Lea to worry about her, so she forced herself to cheer up and tried to reassure her, "I'm fine. Don't worry. I'm just a little tired."

"How could I possibly not be worried?" Lea felt very worried. "Look at you. Your face is as pale as a ghost. If you feel uncomfortable, please just tell me. I'm here with you."

Having said that, she turned to look at Jack and said bluntly, without trying to be polite, "Mr. Fu, can you manage it?"

Her words were bewildering to the other two people in the car.

Lea paused for a moment, and realized they might not have understood what she meant. "Can you take good care of her tonight? Perhaps I should stay there."

With his face looking relaxed and the corners of his good-looking lips slightly pursed, Jack didn't make an immediate decision. He turned to ask Rachel for her opinion. "What do you think?"

At this moment, Rachel was totally distracted.

She shook her gently to get her attention. "It's okay. Lea, you go home. I already told you, I'm fine."

Lea was a bit annoyed by what Rachel said. "Look at you, you're obviously not in a good condition at all. How can you say you're okay?"

Lea thought Rachel was always like that. She was too stubborn, acting as if she could do anything and overcome every challenge on her own.

But Jack was there, so she couldn't say much. Lea could only say peevishly, "All right."

Rachel was surprised that Lea was so angry about this. Her intentions were good, after all. She only wanted to set Lea's mind at ease.

Jack drove the car in silence, with a light flickering in his deep eyes.

When they arrived home, they received a phone call from Rick.

Rick had sent all his guests away after confirming that they were all right. He was relieved to find that only two guests had been injured, and the injuries were just minor.

Then he cooperated with the police and the firefighters to search for any remaining explosives in the villa.

At that moment, the fire was still raging inside the villa, and the firefighters were busy putting out the fire first.

The fire was too unusual and too sudden to have been a mistake. It was obvious that arson ha

rs to grab a chair to sit on, Jack noticed her and stopped her, asking, "What's wrong?"

She turned back and saw Jack wearing a shirt. He was just coming out of the room and standing at the door, looking at her.

Rachel felt embarrassed again. She tried to explain, "I want to go downstairs to get something."

He turned around and walked towards her. "What do you need there? I'll take it for you."

"There is a low stool downstairs. Help me bring it up."

Without uttering a word, Jack went downstairs and fetched the stool.

He remembered the stool very well. It was the one that Mendes used to sit on when he came there.

When he came back with the stool, he felt confused. "Why do you need a stool?"

Rachel's ear went red, but she tried to stay calm. She took the stool from Jack and said, "It's necessary."

Before Jack could respond, Rachel hurried away with the low stool.

Ignoring Jack's lingering gaze, Rachel entered the bathroom and closed the door.

Jack just saw her limping away in a rush before he understood what was going on.

She disappeared as swiftly as a burglar.

Standing still for a moment, he was confused about what that could possibly mean. After a moment of thought, he suddenly understood.

The stool... Her foot...

Only then did he realize what the stool was for. How dull he was!

His handsome face blushed with embarrassment. He walked to Rachel's room and hesitated at the door, then finally raised his hand to knock.

It took Rachel a long time to finish everything she need to do in the bathroom. She walked around the bathroom and hesitated for a long moment. She looked at her swollen foot and remembered that the medicine from the hospital was still on the living room table.

She was still hesitating whether to open the door and get the medicine right away, or wait here until Jack was asleep.

But at that moment, Jack knocked on her door.

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