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   Chapter 94 Back To Save Rachel (Part Two)

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Even the escaped cook was stunned. "Don't talk nonsense. If the explosion happened in the kitchen, can I still stand here well?"

Where did the explosion come from?

Feeling confused, people started whispering to each other and engaged in a heated discussion.

There were also some other people who were not in the mood to participate in the discussion, like Rick and Marcus.

After calling the police, Rick had to count the number of people present.

Rick checked all the way from left to right to make apologies. He breathed a sigh of relief when he found all people outside.

He felt lucky that he greeted the guests in person when they came. Therefore, whether the people knew him or not, he left a familiar impression on them.

If someone got hurt here today, the cooperation case would surely be in vain.

Somebody was so sinister and he wanted to figure out what was his target.

The enemy wanted him to be a laughingstock in the end, to be utterly discredited and even killed!

Rick still felt that there was still some people missing. Relying on his advantage in height, he stood on one side of the flower bed and looked around to check is there anybody not here.

'Hope everything will be fine.' Rick thought with a bit of panic.

When Rick came to the side of Marcus, he still tried to patch things up, "I'm sorry to scare you..."

But before he finished his words, he was stunned at the sight of Celine.

He looked around and didn't see Jack and his wife. Rick asked anxiously, "Where's Mr. and Mrs. Fu, and Mr. Du?"

'They came out together. How could they disappear in a twinkling of an eye?'

Wearing a long face, Marcus said, "Rachel didn't come out. He and Michael went inside to look for her."

"What!" Hearing that, Rick's face changed abruptly. He turned his head around to take a look at the burning villa. He wondered if there was any explosives inside. It's too dangerous for them to enter the villa in such a hurry.

And Rachel... 'She hasn't come out?'

He opened his mouth and didn't know what to say. At last, he had to comfort them, "The policemen and fire fighters are on their way... It was an accident. I'm sorry."

Rick still wanted to say something, such as he would go inside to find them, but he hesitated. Although he thought so, he didn't have the courage to say it.

Rick didn't have the guts to put his life in danger.

These people had different expressions. Celine stood silently at the corner, eyes wandering, while Henry stood beside Lea, with one hand on her shoulder, comforting her silently.

Lea looked pale. She felt so heavy in her heart. Rachel didn't take the phone with her. This was her second time to be with her, but she finally left Rachel a

ad almost guessed what Rachel wanted to do. The fire had blocked the road downstairs.

Maybe Rachel guessed that she couldn't go out, so she wanted to jump down from the stairs.

It's not a joke. Although the height of the second floor is not very high, it will be injured if the floor is not in a good position.

Michael glanced at the tensed look on Jack's face. He raised her hand and wanted to pat him on the shoulder. But he put it down after thinking for a while.

After they went upstairs, they hadn't started to look for her. However, as a matter of fact, with a flick of the toe of his ear, Michael hurriedly pulled Jack who was about to go the other side, "Hey, someone is talking?"

The sound came from the front. Was there anyone still here? Are you going out or just chatting?

When they were about to get close to each other, they stopped at the sound from inside.

"How about this woman?"

"Throw her here?"

Both of them were shocked. They strode forward and took a turn in the corridor. Jack was almost driven crazy by what he saw.

The three didn't notice that someone had come over behind them, but Rachel saw them. Her eyes were bright and she almost shouted.

At the critical moment, she bit her lips tightly, but her expression was unusual, attracting the attention of the three men.

Unfortunately, they were too slow to react. When they turned their heads, Jack and Michael had already rushed over and grabbed the nearest one. Jack hit the man hard who was knocked out.

The rest one didn't know what happened and looked blankly at their two companions who were knocked down from behind and beat up.

His companion passed out before he let out a few whining sounds.

Seeing they rushed to him, the man squatted down and begging for mercy.

"Don't hit me! Don't hit me!"

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