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   Chapter 93 Back To Save Rachel (Part One)

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Before they could react, they heard an explosive sound from inside.

Michael, Jack and Marcus looked at each other. "Where's Lea? And Henry?"

A man's voice came from behind, "I'm here."

When they turned around, they saw that Henry was walking towards them, protecting a woman in his arms. Her eyes lit up at once. She broke free from Henry's grip and rushed to them, asking anxiously, "Where's Rachel? Have you seen her?"

Jack looked back at the villa subconsciously. His face completely darkened.

"Fuck..." Michael replied dully, "Is she still..."

Before he finished his words, Jack suddenly pushed Michael away. As soon as he stepped out, he was gripped by someone from behind.

When he looked back, it was Celine, who said nervously: "Jack! Where are you going?"

"Go back to find her" He said concisely, and pulled her hand away from him.

However, when she heard this, Celine almost cried out. She rushed up and wrapped her arms around the back of his waist, preventing him from going away. She cried, "Are you insane? What if... What if... It's on fire inside!"

She thought a while and dared not to say it.

Lea heard her words and almost tore her into pieces. She pulled a long face and began to rush ahead without saying a word. But when she was about to run out, she was stopped by Jack from behind.

She glared back and said, "I know Rachel is not important to you. You can choose not to save her, but she is my friend! I will save her and it's none of your business... !"

An embarrassment flashed across Jack's face. "I didn't mean that." He pulled her back and said lightly, "All of you wait here. I'll go in."

"Jack!" Celine looked at him anxiously, but he didn't even look back.

Michael also said, "Let's go. It's easier to find her if I go with you."

He turned around and said to Marcus and Henry, "Both he and I have the experience. You just wait outside."

They both nodded. Then, Jack raised his chin and said, "Let's go."

He and Michael had participated in this kind of rescue training overseas. They would be more emboldened than the other two.

Celine was about to say something more, but was stopped by a cold glance from Lea.

It was very dangerous to enter the villa again. There were unknown explosions. The fire that suddenly rose up and there were no any protective device at all. They just entered the villa. There was a possibility that an explosion would happen again even before they found the person.

The people who stayed outside couldn't feel at ease. With a straight face, Marcus made several calls for help, but he couldn't make sure that the fire fighters would come at once. At this moment, they had no choice but to rescue themselves.

After a short pause, Lea looked around the crowd and rushed to the crowded.

Henry asked, "Where are you going?"

With a pale face, she turned to Sam,

own first to withdraw the part that connected the carpet with the stairs, which could be regarded as a fire-proof line.

The flames came over very quickly. She was stained with liquid, which had the smell of alcohol. But it was not necessarily able to burn so fast only by alcohol.

Rachel rolled up the carpet and found that the fire had already been burning at the door. Coincidentally, Ying Family's villa still had a history, and its door was carved wooden one hundred years ago.

She rolled the carpet to the side a little, and then she began to hurry upstairs.

There were many people in the room, but only she was left inside. What a "fortune".

She wondered if anyone was still in the second floor and where the explosion came from.

If the house had been accompanied by several explosions, then everything in the house would have collapsed or the windows would have been broken.

But there was no other sound except the sound of the explosion and the shaking of the house.

Rick was also thinking about this question. Even if he could stay calm, he didn't know what to say when he saw the villa's on fire and the guests he invited stand outside in a mess, who were all in panic and kept asking him what had happened.

So what happened?

He didn't even know it himself.

The well planned banquet turned out to be a disaster planned by someone else.

Rick's drooping hands were slightly trembling, and he clenched his teeth. His smiling eyes were so deep that no one could see through them.

More than a hundred guests escaped in panic, and after they came out, no one hurried to leave.

It happened so suddenly that when the fire was burning, it was also so inexplicable, including the sound of explosion.

There were people standing at each position in the villa at that time, so when they discussed with each other, they found that there was no one who saw the explosion position.

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