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   Chapter 91 Stalked

Trapped In Lace By Six Characters: 9238

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He just caught up with Rachel and even asked why she was angry.

She felt the warmth of his palm again.

Rachel endured the embarrassment in her heart and said, "You can go back. I'll walk around by myself and find where they are."

Jack pretended to be innocent and asked her, "They... Who else comes with you?"


Reminded by her words, Jack remembered that he had been told by Rick that Lucas had brought two women with different temperament. So the other was Lea.

There was no doubt that Lucas had a good relationship with them.

Jack said, "You have an unusual relationship with Lucas,"

Then he realized that he was being jealous.

Rachel thought that he was asking the reason why she kept good relationship with Lucas.

She explained subconsciously, "We have been friends for nearly ten years."

She had been friends with Lucas for nearly ten years, which means they knew each other when she was fifteen or sixteen years old. They had maintained a good friendship till today.

Jack's heart skipped a beat.

Some breeze came from somewhere. They stood shoulder to shoulder at the window, looking quite harmonious.

Fireworks exploded one after another in the dark night outside the window.

Every move was colorful and brilliant.

Both of them forgot to talk for a moment. They both looked up at the fireworks in the sky.

After a moment's silence, another round started. Suddenly, she was startled by the noise of firecrackers.

Before she could react, the person next to her had already reached out to hold her. The fireworks were more intense and burning.

When Rachel came to her senses, she found herself leaning against the arms of Jack.

He frowned, looked down and asked, "Are you scared?"

Rachel was frightened by the gunshot, but now... She was more uncomfortable with him like this...

Rachel pushed him away immediately. She felt their physical contact was much more than that of past five years.

She raised her hand to hold the hair around her temples, while her heart was beating very fast in her chest. "I need to look for someone now."

Jack was a little confused, "Why you don't call them directly?"

Rachel dialed the number of Lucas but he didn't answer.

The fireworks blossomed one after another in the night sky. It was so beautiful, but Lucas didn't have mood to watch that.

He stared blankly at the person sitting on the top floor, not far away from him, as if he was bewitched, Lucas walked towards her step by step.

Finally, he found her...

However, he hoped that what he saw this time was not another illusion.

Under the same night sky, Celine, who stood there with a pale face, looked at the two people incredibly.

She just wanted to take a breath outside, but

As one of the protagonists, she must show up.

Cloris grew up aboard but could speak standard Chinese without any accent.

After the fireworks, the ladies and gentlemen upstairs turned around and began to play. It was a new way for Ying Family involving the upper class circle of Ning City.

Next, it was the young's world. The small platform Rick had a speech has been removed in an orderly way. The workers were fast and quiet, taking things and leaving with no effect on the people around.

After standing behind the wall for a while, Rachel came out, but she didn't see Jack and Celine.

It would be better if she could keep away from them like this. She hoped that they wouldn't come to her later. In order to avoid meeting them again later by accident, Rachel went back to the banquet hall specially and happened to meet those workers left with something in their hands.

A group of people came out. One of them dropped something when he passed Rachel.

The man bent down to pick up the staff when they were just in front of Rachel's feet. Rachel stepped back subconsciously to let him pick it up.

When the man squatted down to get close to her, she moved her nose slightly and seemed to smell something.

It smelled like...

A burning smell in the fireworks.

Just in a moment, the man had picked up something from her feet and left quickly.

The lights in the banquet hall were turned off and the banquet hall was cleaned up.

It was 8:43 PM. After the hall was finally empty, Rachel was hesitating whether she should go in. She had no time to react before something beside her feet shook suddenly.

The crowd were looking around in surprise.

"Is it an earthquake?"

Someone asked.

That's what Rachel thought too.

However, she was caught off guard when she heard the violent explosive sound next.

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