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   Chapter 88 I Will Try My Best

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"Yes." Not finding of the other beauty, Rick joked and ridiculed, "There is also a beauty with completely opposite style. They are as ice and fire. Mr. Zhou is really a big fortune by bringing two beautiful women here."

The last sentence was more or less ridiculed, any man could understand its meaning.

Usually, this kind of boring, suggestive joke meant nothing to Jack.

It sounded a little harsh this time, as if Rick implied that there was something wrong with Rachel or that her relationship with Lucas was not simple.

He sparse leaned the corners of his mouth and looked uninterested in it.

Rick hadn't thought he would hold such a party, but to his surprise, he even invited "new and old love" of Jack together to the party.

Seeing that he was not interested in the topic, Rick wondered whether his words were a bit abrupt.

He quietly shifted the topic and started to talk about other issues. Mentioning the cooperation plan made Jack interested again.

Rick thought for a while and decided to get it done with Jack. Although he had already signed contracts with several hospitals, the health care hospitals of MK Group and the Zhou Group's hospital, which had a long reputation, were the two major goals for him this time.

Michael came here just for fun, although he was also invited to attend the party. With an appetite, Rick intended to occupy fifty percent of the medical market of Ning City.

Actually, the reason why he came here was to have a look how Rick can make it.

The lights on the host platform finally turned on. As the host adjusted the microphone, Rick started his speech, amid a warm applause.

Rachel looked at the direction of the balcony. It was obvious that Lea was heartless and abandoned her immediately.

Rachel was accompanied by Michael. "What brings you here?"

"My friend was invited. I came with him,"

Michael turned his sight and burst into laughter, "Jack is here, too."

He looked around the crowd and finally stopped at a front row near the platform. He raised his chin and motioned far away for her to look, "In the first row..."

Rachel looked up in the direction he pointed. Among the crowd, she saw someone at a glance.

He stood in the front row, listening attentively to the speech on the stage. With one hand in his pocket and the glass in his left hand, he slightly lowered his head. All of a sudden, as if sensing something, he looked sideways at her.

Their eyes met in the air. Rachel moved her eyes away immediately as if she got burned.

Just like got caught when peeping at others.


uted, "Where are you, scumbag?"

Both Rachel and Michael turned to look at him. But Marcus still kept his countenance and said, "Well, don't explain any more. Just tell me where she is now."

"Okay, I know."

Hanging up the phone, Marcus felt that he could explain it clearly. "That scumbag said he just was chatting with your friend in the garden. Don't worry, our Henry is a gentleman, not like Michael."

Rachel smiled. "Don't bother them. Let them have a good talk."

"What did you say?" Michael said unhappily, "You'd better explain the last sentence to me clearly. Which side are you on?"

Rachel was just a bystander. She couldn't find that they were the same kind of people as they met each other before. Actually, they were quite interesting.

Suddenly came the harsh voice from behind. It's Jack. "Why are you two hiding here?"

Then he walked to Rachel. "You are here too."

"Yes..." She said in a low voice and had nothing else to say.

Michael rolled his eyes at them in a mischievous way. They dared to make jokes on Henry, but they'd better stay out of the mess of Jack.

'Several days ago, he said he was going to divorce Rachel. Why is the atmosphere between them not as tense as before?'

Marcus hadn't known what happened between Jack and Rachel. They had been standing in the dark, but as soon as Jack walked over, he had also attracted attention of other people.

Their figures became exposed all of a sudden. They were about to leave when there were some people coming up to greet them.

Marcus said, "Can we stop standing here? How about have a seat?

"That would be nice." Jack looked at his watch. It was still early. He said to Rachel, "Are you here alone? Later we..."

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