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   Chapter 87 Attracted By Someone

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To his uncle's fury, it was not easy for him to take over the company from his brother even though he had made a lot of efforts and plots in the past.

But to his surprise, Rick came back in his worst time and bought their shares at a very low price.

After approached several major shareholders and the board of directors secretly, and kicked him out in disgrace.

Besides, the villa was also taken back by Rick from his uncle.

It's a good chance for them to hold a banquet to declare their ownership.

After they walked for a while, Rick took them to the buffet hall. When they didn't say anything, someone came up to deliver a message. It seemed that an important guest had arrived.

Rick nodded, snapped his fingers and called the waiter over. He exchanged some words with the waiter, and then greeted the three of them. "Excuse me."

"It's okay. Go ahead with your work."

Rick nodded again to Rachel and Lea. He said with a graceful smile: "Nice to meet you two. There are many drinks and wines over there. Please ask a waiter to serve you. Excuse me."

"It's very kind of you."

Then Rick turned around and left. Just as Lea was about to speak, a waiter came over and served drinks to them. After waiter left, Lea said, "It's so nice of him. We come here to have a blind date with his sister, isn't it? Why is he so polite to us?"

He was so polite that Lea felt embarrassed.

Lucas said in a deep voice, "So he should kick you out?"

she said with a smile, "If he comes back to drive me away, I can leave immediately." As Lea spoke, she looked around with curiosity.

There were not many people in the buffet hall. Most of them were standing together with several people like them, which did not draw any attention.

Lucas checked the time and said, "Let's find a place to have a seat? There may be a show later."

Lea blinked her eyes to Rachel and asked Lucas, "Why don't you go and see what the daughter of Ying Family looks like?"


Finding that he was a little angry, she quickly stuck out her tongue and changed the topic. "I'll go somewhere else with Rachel. You can look around by yourself."

Then she grabbed Rachel's hand and ran away immediately. "Let's eat something."

"You are so strange today." After they went far away, Rachel couldn't help complaining, "Why do you always mention the matter of the blind dates? I'm afraid Lucas will be really pissed off by you."

Lea pursed her lips disapprovingly. "Aren't you afraid that Lucas will elope with another woman?"

Rachel rolled her eyes at her and said in a low voice, "He's not mine. Don't laugh at him anymore

was the most dramatic day that Rachel had ever had.

At least three versions of such a contrived story were going on at the banquet. First, it seemed that there was something romantic between Lea and Henry.

They didn't expected to meet each other here. They met for the first time in the sky far away from thousands of miles, and they met again in this banquet. This world was really small.

It's such a coincidence that one was her close friend and the other was Jack's friend.

But it was obvious that the relationship between these two people had become a prove of fate. They recognized each other and didn't even need to say anything. They held the glass and behaved in a gentle way. They went to the outer balcony and could have a casual chat.

Dumbfounded, Michael watched Henry leaving them and date with a beautiful lady.

He pointed in their direction and asked Rachel, "Do you have any other friend? Was she as pretty as her? Maybe we know each other, too."

"Ha-ha... There's no one else. You think too much."

With Michael head leaning on Marcus shoulder, mark caressed his heart in an exaggerated way and said helplessly, "My heart hurts..."

Marcus pushed him away expressionlessly. "None of my business."

Michael was the person who was most familiar with Rachel. She didn't know that he had such a funny side.

Looking at their interaction, she could not help but chuckle.

This scene was unwittingly witnessed by two people not far away. Rick's eyes blinked, and Jack looked in that direction.

Rick didn't know that she was Jack's wife who was still admitted by law. Then he said Jack: "She is the companion brought here by Lucas Zhou."

Shaking the wine glass in his hand, Jack asked casually, "By Lucas?"

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