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   Chapter 85 Sleep In The Same Bed

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There were only Jack and Rachel on the bed. It was not the first time for them to sleep in the same bed. And the one who felt even more uncomfortable was Jack.

In the room full of her smell, he was afraid to have another dream in the evening. He would doubt himself whether he could resist his desire If he woke up in the middle of the night.

As Rachel said before, she was trapped. They lived together, have meals on the same table, and then sleep in the same bed.

They lay on the bed and both of them were very stiff and unnatural. Jack's mind was in a mess. When he turned his head, he could only smell the cold scent on her.

Finally, he could not help but turn over. In the darkness, his eyes were full of malice. "What is the scent from you?"

Rachel was confused and asked, "My scent?" She lifted her hand subconsciously and smelled at her wrist. "What smell? I can't smell it."

'Of course you can't smell from yourself, ' Jack thought. "What body wash you use?"

Rachel answered a popular brand and it was nothing special.

Being restless, Jack closed his eyes, unable to sleep. He took a deep breath. Then he turned over again. In his head were some unconventional images.

He began to wonder what would happen to Rachel tomorrow morning if he had sex with her?

'Oh, my God. Maybe my father will kill me before tomorrow morning.'

Listening to the constant sound from his side, Rachel lost her sleepiness. She said, "Jack, can you just stay still?"

He didn't want to keep moving either!

With his hands behind his head, Jack lay on his back and stared blankly in the dark room. Suddenly, he said, "Rachel, I can't sleep."

She fluttered her long eyelashes and slowly opened her eyes. "Do you... Have insomnia?"

"Yes, I do." He asked with a wooden face, "Is there any way to solve insomnia?"

She was an experienced surgeon in both emergency surgery and cardiology, not was fully capable. She was dumbfounded by his question and came up with a bad idea. "Just run outside for a few circles and come back. "

Jack sneered, "I'd like to have a chat with you."

Talk to her? Turning her head to one side, she asked Jack seriously, "Are you a ghost?"

Veins throbbing on his forehead. Although he knew that she couldn't see anything in the darkness, he still cast a cold glance at her.

If Michael knew it by the time, it would be his laughing stock once again. The corners of his mouth lifted with self-mockery. Jack reached out and lifted the quilt. "Forget it. Go to sleep."

After a while, there was finally no movement from Jack's side. But Rachel couldn't sleep. She closed her eyes and opened them for a long time. She didn't know how long had passed.

Rachel just couldn't fall asleep. The body temperature an

d was that he was completely in a half dream state. At the moment of pulling her, he forgot what he had dreamed about.

His body moved forward purely based on his subconscious movements. When the man thought of it, he was flustered.

Rachel sat at the table for a long time. When she heard Jack's voice finally became long and stable, she turned around, looking at him doubtfully. Then she stood at the bedside for a while, lifted the quilt and lied down again.

After being scared, neither of them fell asleep.

It was not until dawn that Jack woke up. When he got up, he found that Rachel was still in a sound sleep.

Her beautiful face was stuck in her sweet dream.

He got out of bed quietly. It was still early and no one had got up.

He walked in soft drag and stepped on the stairs, the entire house looked quiet and empty.

The house was not small. There was a three floor fine villa and a small garden.

It's perfect for a family of three. It would be too big if she lived alone.

Jack came down from upstairs, stopped in the living room and looked back.

That morning, he stood upstairs and watched her doing yoga. Her cold figure almost blended in with this big house.

People who got used to such a cold place all looked like fairies.

When Rachel woke up and was about to go to work, Lord Fu and Mendes was still in asleep.

Jack came over to see if they woke up.

Rachel still wanted to bring the kid to the hospital if he woke up. But he was still in his dream.

She looked at her watch and said to Jack after a while, "Can you take care of Mendes, I'll ask the driver to pick him up when he woke up."

Jack nodded, "Don't worry. Jonathan won't go back in a hurry even if he get up."

Rachel thought most people liked this kid, but his parents didn't value him at all and left him for so long.

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