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   Chapter 84 Got Wet With Clothes

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At this time, Jonathan's sight fell down on Rachel. He raised his thick eyebrows and frowned. "What happened?"

Jack pushed Rachel, indicating that she didn't have to explain anything. He said to his father, "She wet her clothes by accident."

Then he turned to Rachel and said, "You go upstairs and change first."

"Yes, he's right." Jonathan also urged. "Don't catch cold."

Rachel spoke nothing and turned around to go upstairs.

Jonathan coaxed Mendes to get closer to him and showed toys he brought to him. Immediately, Mendes was so happy and immediately played with toys.

Before Rachel came downstairs, Jonathan took his son to a corner and whispered, "How's it going? How are you getting along with Rachel these days?"

This mysterious tone sounded like he was a spy. Jack nodded quietly, "Everything goes smooth, don't think too much, Dad."

Jonathan squinted at him cunningly. "I didn't think too much. I just want to know if you have any conflicts with Rachel."

As if every time when a child's parents came over, they would ask if he had fought with aunt's son.

That's what Jack thought of his relationship with Rachel.

With his hands in his pockets, Jack leaned forward and whispered in his father's ear, "Dad, please don't embarrass me."

Jonathan squinted his eyes, thinking about the meaning of his words.

From the corner of his eye, Jack saw her walking down the stairs. He whispered to his father, "Let me handle this, okay?"

'This brat gave full play to his abilities!'

Lord Fu swore in his mind. It wasn't easy for him to help his son to find his wife!

Rachel took a shower upstairs and went downstairs. Jonathan said that he wanted to taste the food cooked by her. So Rachel rolled up her sleeves and went to the kitchen.

When the dinner was ready, Jack took the initiative to help arrange the dinner.

Seeing this scene, Jonathan was satisfied and thought secretly, 'It's so rare that the two are willing to cooperate with me.'

In fact, he had had his own plans. He thought that if they could get along well, maybe they have chance to know about each other during this time.

If their personalities didn't match each other, then let it be. He would not really force them to do anything they were not willing to. Moreover, when it came to the request of divorce and living together, it was not like Jack's style to refuse so quickly.

Jonathan asked tentatively as he thought about his words. He wanted to know how Jack was going to deal with this reluctant marriage.

But Jonathan knew that his son would never go against him. On this matter, he would only deal with it in roundabout ways.

He knew very well what kind of person Jack was

s changed?"

Jack was walking downstairs and stopped for a moment on the stairs before he continued to walk down.

Hearing the footsteps behind her, Rachel walked to the window and talked on the phone.

"Nothing changed. It seems there's lots of people coming that day."

Rachel understood what he meant, smiled faintly and said, "I don't mind. It doesn't matter."

Jack walked up to Mendes and lifted him up. Mendes was unhappy and struggled for a while. Then he turned around and asked, "What's wrong?"

"It's time to take a shower."

With a frightened look, he covered his chest with one hand and asked, "Do you bathe me?"

Jack twitched the corner of his mouth and said, "Wake up! Clean yourself by your own."

Put the little boy down, Jack patted his ass, and urged, "Go upstairs. "

He turned around and asked, "Can I sleep with Jonathan tonight?"

Jonathan decided to stay here too. Rachel finished the call and happened to hear what they said. She just cleaned up one guest room.

Jonathan must use Jack's room, which meant they three would share the same bed again. If Mendes went to sleep with Jonathan, then... She would sleep with Jack?

Rachel walked towards her and coughed, "Why do you suddenly want to go to bed with Jonathan?"

Mendes replied, taking it for granted. "Because he promised to tell stories tonight."

This condition attracted the little boy, so he did not hesitate to abandon Rachel and Jack.

Tell stories... She really couldn't do that.

"Please!" He went up the stairs, but before they could say anything, Jonathan had already agreed and said, "No problem."

They raised their heads and saw Jonathan waving at the child. Mendes strode forward and hugged his legs, shouting happily, "Great !"

'Jonathan took the child tonight, so...'

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