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   Chapter 82 Arranged A Blind Date

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Rachel curled up her lips and said, "You are welcomed at any time."

Then Jonathan added, "Where's that kid? You can bring him here when he's free."

Mendes. Rachel said, "I'll call to ask him later.

On the other side of the phone, Jonathan smiled and said, "I brought him many things and sure he'll like them. Please tell him to come.

After hanging up the phone, Rachel put the phone in the big doctor's robe pocket, turned around and walked towards Lucas's office.

Lucas was responsible for taking care of Mendes. It's not convenient for him to bring Mendes to the hospital. Fortunately, he had lots of spare time at home and just came to the hospital for special cases.

As a doctor who came here for further study, Lucas came to work only for VIPs consultation and didn't have to work every day.

Sometimes, Lucas didn't have cases for a week so that he can take care of Mendes with enough time.

Rachel walked around his office but couldn't find him. When she was about to go out, she saw him coming in with a nurse beside him.

Probably after checking around the patients, he smiled when he saw her.

Lucas whispered some words to the nurse and looked at her. "I was just looking for you."

Rachel also smiled, "What a coincidence. I want to borrow some one from you."


He knew exactly what she meant. Of course she wouldn't borrow himself. Where's his thoughts?

Rachel nodded her head and said, "Jonathan will come here tomorrow. The two of them get along well with each other."

A gleam flashed in Lucas's eyes. He lowered his eyes and thought for a while. "I'll ask someone to send him here after work."

Rachel nodded and asked, "What do you want to ask me?"

What Lucas was going to say was a bit difficult for him to speak up. He clenched his fist and pressed his lips coughed. After organizing his words, he said, "Well, my family... Arranged a blind date for me."

Rachel was stunned and didn't react what he said. "Blind date? ?"

His ears were flushed. Embarrassed, he nodded.

Rachel laughed. "Did your mother ask you to do this?"

He nodded, very helpless. "She has mentioned this to me many times. This time I really can't reject her"

Hearing this, Rachel suddenly became nervous. Her hands in the pocket tightened slightly. "Then... You mean?"

Lucas bent his eyes and said frankly, "I want you to do me a favor, although it is a blind date..."

When he mentioned the two words, he was a little embarrassed. It sounded like he was a leftover man.

He continued, "In fact, we are arranged to meet at a banquet. I wanted to ask you if it was convenient for you to attend as my companion."

Rachel's heart seemed to be lifted to the highest place, and it slowly fell down. She was a little disappointed.

She thought Lucas would let her pretend to be his girlfriend.

But when she thought about it, she knew that Lucas wasn't that kind of man like Jack.

What's more, he would not do such

And when she saw him appear again, she couldn't help but feel curious.

Rachel didn't know how to reply her question. She had no idea how to introduce Jack to others.

But before she could say anything, Jack took the initiative to introduce himself, "My family name is Fu, and I'm Rachel's friend." He greeted to Doctor Wang.

Friend? This word was very suspicious. Doctor Wang smiled calmly, "Do you come here to pick Rachel up?

Jack nodded and Doctor Wang pretended to know everything. She smiled and said, "It's good for young people to have a walk after work off."

Rachel realized that she had misunderstood her. She wanted to explain, but she didn't know what to say.

Doctor Wang replied. "I'm going to do my work. Excuse me." She turned around and thought to herself, 'Sure enough, this girl has a special background.'

She hadn't been so sure whether the man she saw that day was Jack. Now she was convinced by his self-introduction.

'Rachel is really good to get a chance to marry into Fu Family.'

When they went back to her office, Rachel made a cup of tea for him and said, "We have to wait for a while. It will take the driver at least half an hour to get there."

It was rush hour time, so it was normal to be stuck in a traffic jam on the road. Jack nodded and leisurely took a medical magazine to read, "I can wait."

Rachel returned to her desk and began to read the document given by Doctor Wang. She looked through it for a while and then took out a pen. However, the pen cannot work.

She shook the pen lightly and tried to make the ink come out from the ink box. However, there was little ink left. Rachel paused and raised her wrist, shaking the pen more firmly. The ink suddenly spilled out from the tip of the pen, contaminating her dark blue hand.

Rachel held back the exclamation she almost blurted out, she looked up, and fortunately, Jack was sitting there and reading the magazine attentively, not paying attention to her.

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