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   Chapter 78 Dream Again

Trapped In Lace By Six Characters: 10275

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That's exactly what Rachel implied. Celine had come to see her more than once before.

But the words were on the tip of her tongue. She thought for a while and still didn't say it out. Even if she spoke it out, Jack might not believe her.

So she nodded and said lightly, "It's okay as long as you deal with your own things well."

At this time, Celine, who could not get through to Jack again, left his house.

Meanwhile, Celine was driving aimlessly. Tears were welling up in her eyes as she wondered where he was going. He ignored her call deliberately and didn't tell her where he was.

If he really wanted to break up with her, Jack would tell her directly, instead of just treating her like that.

Celine didn't expect the reason why Jack did this to her was not because he didn't want to tell her in person, but because he hadn't found the time yet, and deliberately made her cold right now.

At this moment, Celine only felt sad, wondering why Jack treated her like this. The only reason why Jack was angry with her was that he knew that she was on the yacht.

At the thought of this, Celine decided to apologize to him some day.

As long as he was not angry, she could do anything.

There was a voice faintly shouting in her heart. 'This time it's really different. He has never treated me like this.'

She was scared but tried to deceive herself.

After leaving his apartment, Celine drove back and forth to the bar.

Neon lights were flashing in front of the bar. Celine was sitting in the car and tried to call him one more time.

Still no one answered the phone. She pounded the steering wheel with anger.

She was aggrieved and angry. Looking at the bar in front of her, she suddenly thought of her old trick. Since he had always known where she was, then...

Celine called the guy who asked her to go to the yacht the other day.

When the phone was connected, a light flashed across her eyes. In a soft and low voice, she said, "Mr. Handsome... Can you do me a favor?"

At that time, Jack was in Rachel's house. He seldom came here. When it came to the wedding house, it was Jack who chose it.

However, he almost never lived here. His assistant sent all his stuff to him before he took the shower.

It was not until then that Jack remembered about the wound on his head. He got three stitches near the hair line. After checking everything sent by his assistant, there was no medicine and anti-inflammatory pills in it.

Jack wanted to buy but had no idea where the nearest pharmacy was, so he knocked Rachel's door.

"Knock, knock, knock." The three knock was not too heavy or light.

Rachel was talking with Lea about what had happened in the room. Jack was so eager to jump up from her seat. She couldn't believe that Rachel hadn't mentioned such an important thing to her.

Rachel felt aggrieved and was about to explain when the door was just knocked. No one could come to knock at the door at this time except Jack.

Rachel didn't know what he was going to do, so she told Lea, "We'll talk about it later. He mi

oman every now and then.

With a stony face, Jack lifted the quilt and got out of bed. Fortunately, this time it was not as bad as last time when he directly came in the dream.

He didn't expect what would happen if he didn't ask Rachel what perfume she was wearing and saw her cold eyes.

Jack was too embarrassed and went to the bathroom to handle himself.

But Jack couldn't just stand there with his erection and do nothing. He had to deal with it, in a bad mood.

After calming down, he thought about it carefully. He blamed it on the fact that he hadn't touched women for a long time.

Had kept sex-free life for so long, Jack really admired his endurance.

But no matter how hard he tried to suppress his desire, he had never had this kind of dream with Celine. Normally, this kind of dream happened in his adolescence.

Jack felt extremely ashamed, but he could do nothing about it. How could he dream of Rachel? And had dreamed of her a few times.

There should be a reason.

Rachel had left for work when he finished cleaning.

She had the habit of making breakfast, but not for other people.

Jack was not aware of it at first, but when he passed by the kitchen accidentally, he was attracted by the smell inside. He went in and there was some porridge that Rachel didn't finish.

He looked at the residue of the porridge.

It occurred to Jack that he had a crush on Celine because of her kindness.

When they had just got together, she got up early every morning to prepare breakfast with love for him. Although she didn't eat much, and the food was always the same.

But on a second thought, he hadn't eaten it for years.

She had told him that she often cooked for her parents in this way when she was at home.

But where did Rachel learn how to cook? When she was young, she lived in the Fu Family, and all she ate and used were prepared by the housekeeper.

Did she start to do this after she left home? Jack walked out of the kitchen, thinking that he could have meals free with Rachel some time.

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