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   Chapter 76 Was She Loving Another One

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This western restaurant was decorated in a very warm and romantic style. It was more suitable for two or three friends to go on a date or drink coffee.

It was strange that so many people gathered here. What was even stranger is the atmosphere of no communication among them.

The reason why Jack didn't speak maybe was he felt that they seemed to be quite resistant to him.

He could understand why Eric didn't like him. But he couldn't figure out the reason why this beautiful woman, Lea disliked him so much.

They didn't know each other, so there was only one reason why she disliked Jack.

It was Rachel.

Since she was Rachel's friends, she must know something about them.

It was easy to guess why she treated him so coldly.

Facing all of these, Jack would be calm. He was always the one who wore a poker face.

It seemed that Eric, who sat opposite him, was very not friendly when he sneered at him in a strange tone. He talked to Lucas deliberately on purpose to desolate Jack.

All he asked Lucas were about him and Rachel, such as they were classmates before, working at the same hospital, etc.

Then, he made Lea involved in their conversation. Jack had no idea of what they were talking about.

Of course, Jack had chance to join in their talk and thought Eric was really bad at bullying him.

Jack continued to enjoy his meal peacefully, not joining them.

Eric wanted to see Jack being desolated.

But he didn't expect that Jack just sat there, not looking uncomfortable and awkward. He just ate his own food while they were talking to each other.

Eric was very disappointed and started to attack Jack by his words. "Jack, you must be very busy these days. Why do you have time to have dinner with us?"

It seemed that if Jack didn't give a response, Eric would definitely refer to himself to the end.

Seeing this scene, Rachel supported her forehead silently. At least, Eric shouldn't have made trouble to Jack at this time. There would be plenty of opportunities in the future.

It's not a good time to talk about she and Jack at this moment. She'd like to close the door to deal with her family scandals. If Jack held a grudge against Eric, he might kidnap Eric some day for revenge. Rachel absolutely believe Jack would do it.

Eric was not smart at all. Before Rachel wanted to say something to calm him down, she did not expect that Jack would take the initiative to speak.

He leisurely put down his knife and fork, and his good-looking lips curved a faint smile. "No matter how busy I am, I still have time to have a meal."

It was not necessary for him to show a poker face. Only by such an expression, Eric's legs turned limp. Eric was overshadowed by Jack, he had to admit that he was spineless.

The reason why he was so brazen to look at and provoke Jack was that he know Jack won't do anything to him in the presence

to return the favor of been raised. Years ago, he had mentioned it to his father who had been silent for a long time and finally told him that Rachel had agreed.

At that time, Jack was full of hatred towards Rachel. But when he knew more about Rachel later, he found she was a woman with her own character. She was very independent, not like a woman who was easily bound up by a debt of gratitude or even offered her marriage.

He remembered that his father had told her that the Fu Family let her down.

Jack felt something was wrong, but he couldn't figure it out.

If Rachel promised to divorce because of following his father's opinion, Jack would treat her as his own sister and would try his best to compensate.

If she fell love with someone else, Jack would feel better, at least felt less guilty.

Jack always brought it up in front of Rachel, and was too ashamed to face himself.

It was all his fault. He, as a member of Fu Family, was the one who should be blamed for all this.

He knew little about this woman, and his experience had told him Rachel was not willing to tell him her past.

On the other hand, Jack had never thought to go into it. But at this moment he was curious about Rachel.

After pondering over what kind of person she was, Jack once again cast his glance at Lucas.

Finally, it fell to silence, only the faint sound of the collision of the knife and fork could be heard.

Rachel glanced at Jack with worry, wondering what he was thinking about.

However, Eric suddenly asked Jack that why he had time to have dinner with them.

By the end of the dinner, Jack and Lucas politely exchanged the business card with each other. And Lucas left with Mendes.

Eric took a look at Jack, who was standing beside them. He got closer to Rachel and whispered in her ear, "Why is he still here?"

She thought for a while and answered, "I guess he will stay here tonight."

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