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   Chapter 75 The Upperclassman

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She thought so, but she was right. At the moment, people were happily playing together in Rachel's house.

The screen was displaying a fierce racing of sports cars. Eric was so excited that he almost shot into the air.

Mendes, who was sitting beside them and cheered for them from time to time.

When Lucas arrived, he saw such a stunning scene that three naughty guys were get together.

When Lea and Eric were still fighting fiercely, a voice behind them suddenly said, "Is it interesting?"

Lea's eyes fixed on the screen excitedly. "Be quiet. Don't make noise! I'm going to win!"

There's a weak voice coming. "Sister Lea, It's not me making the noise..."

She was distracted for a moment and turned her head slightly. However, it was in this moment that the people beside her succeeded in overtaking her, and arrogantly went away in front of her.

After a minute, Eric reached the finish line first and won the game, leaping with excitement.

Lea almost crashed the game handle. She grumbled, "If I wasn't distracted, I would be the winner! !"

Eric laughed. "So who should be blamed?"

Who distracted her?

As soon as Lea looked back, he saw a man standing behind him. Stunned, she saw her upperclassman and blurted out, "Lucas."

The man in front of her calmly bent the corner of his mouth and greeted, "Hi, Lea. It's been a long time not see you."

Lea didn't expect that he would suddenly appear. At the thought of herself, he got off the floor in horror and burst into laughter. "What are you doing here?"

She had forgotten that Rachel had told her that Lucas would pick up the kid.

Lucas raised his chin to the small meat block beside him. "I come here to pick him up."

Lea looked at Mendes and then looked at him. Since Rachel hadn't explained the background to her.

She was so shocked that open her month and took a glance of Mendes. "Is he..." Your son?"

The message Rachel sent to Lea was not responded yet. She thought for a while and really didn't know what Lea was busy with. She was worried that there might be something wrong with that message, so she immediately called Lea.

However, Lea's phone, thrown on the sofa, was buzzing.

The subtle voice did not attract the attention of the three people at all. Lucas asked, "Where is Rachel?"

Eric replied, as he scratched his head. "She's not back yet."

"Not yet?" Lucas checked the time. It had been a long time after work.

Lea just found Mendes's staffs from upstairs. "She has something to do and will be home late."

No one answered the phone. Rachel was already very uneasy.

Jack noticed her expression. He put his hands on the steering wheel and kept looking straight ahead while saying to her, "What's wrong?"

Jack didn't expect that Rachel answered

meet you, I am Lucas."

Jack lowered his chin. "Jack."

That's so...

They didn't say anything more. The atmosphere was awkward.

Eric was sitting on the edge of the sofa and looking at Jack with vigilance all the time, as if he was coming to grab something. Rachel had to interrupt the embarrassment, and tried to find a topic, "Have you had dinner?"

It just so happened that they were discussing where to have dinner. After a moment of silence, Lucas said, "Let's go out to have dinner together."

Although felt a little bit strange, the group of people went out for dinner together. Three men and two women, and a little boy.

The waiter ushered them into a restaurant and seated them. The atmosphere was still extremely awkward.

Lea sat inside with Mendes, and Rachel sat next to her. Eric took a look at the remaining three seats opposite to them, and he wasn't willing to sit with Jack.

He would rather die.

So Eric shamelessly ran over to them and sat with two ladies.

The rest three seats were left. Lucas sat down on the opposite seat straightforwardly.

Jack also sat down beside Lucas calmly. Rachel was confused to what had happened there.

The waiter brought them the menu and let them order, and they spontaneously let the children come first.

At the same time, Lea bowed her head and played her phone.

They were in a western restaurant, so it was okay for them to order what they wanted. There were children's meals on the menu, and Mendes could make his own decision.

When Rachel was looking at the menu with Mendes. Her mobile phone suddenly rang and it was a message from Lea.

She added seven or eight exclamations at the end of her sentence, which looked shocking.

"Why did he come back with you! ! ! ! ……"

Rachel slightly twitched the corners of her mouth and replied, "Please be calm."

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