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   Chapter 74 Properties Division

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"Really? Doctor Rachel is only in his twenties. How could she get married so early?"

They chatted as they walked, and Doctor Wang thought it shouldn't be the case. "Jack Fu is the only child in Fu Family. If Rachel were his wife, he shouldn't have come over to have a look of Rachel who lay in the hospital and left. He hasn't come here since then."

How could they be a couple? None of the Fu Family's elders, or even someone from Doctor Rachel's family had ever appeared.

The director of the hospital also knew the situation, but he called President Zhou who asked the hospital to give Rachel a few days' leave. Normally, the family member should be informed to come, shouldn't he?

Doctor Wang thought that the director should know something. President Zhou had asked his men to stop this thing from spreading in the hospital and give Rachel a holiday.

He had thought that the reason why they stopped the matter from spreading to the hospital was that they were afraid the affection to the hospital, but later he didn't think so considering the friendship between Rachel and President Zhou.

So he had only one purpose, that was to protect Rachel.

After Doctor Wang dropped the bomb, they began to talk about Rachel's identity curiously. Some of them said that Rachel was an illegitimate child of the Fu Family, and some even guessed that she might be some relatives of the Fu Family.

In order to prevent them from saying more and more offensive words, Doctor Wang quickly interrupted them, clearing his throat. "I was just guessing. Let's talk about it in private. Don't talk nonsense in the hospital."

Everyone nodded. Doctor Wang continued, "Rachel is a good girl. Whether her family background is good or not is her own business. We can talk about it privately, but don't talk nonsense with her. If she knows, I will be despised."

"Of course we know. We are just kidding. We won't leak it out." Among them, the head nurse had seen how good Rachel was.

After all, Rachel even gave her and her daughter the most precious gifts in the world although she helped Rachel a little favor.

Rachel was so generous, how could the head nurse offend such a girl.

Rachel didn't know what they were talking about her behind. She fastened her seat belt and didn't know where Jack was going. "Where are you going?"

"I have an appointment with him at his office. We'll be there soon."

"With who?"

"A lawyer."

Rachel was a little surprised, "Didn't Jonathan say that he had prepared the agreement for us? Why do we need a lawyer?"

Glancing at her, Jack thought that his father was really cunning and he must have told her something that made Rachel obey to divorce him.

Maybe there are some interests involved, but Rachel couldn't be moved by money.

After thinking for a while, Jack remembered the divorce agreement which his father showed him

as a little confused. He stood still, waiting for the lawyer's further instructions.

Noah Zhuo saw Jack and Rachel finish their reading. "Have you read through this Agreement carefully? If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me."

"Nope." Jack answered bluntly.

But as for Rachel, she hesitated for a while and said, "No. Thanks."

"Okay, wait for a moment please." Noah Zhuo stood up and went out. Rachel and Jack just sat quietly and waited for him. Both of them were with different thoughts in their minds.

After a short while, Noah Zhuo came back. He sat down in front of them and said, "I have talked with Lord Fu just now. He said that you could sign it if you want. But we have reached an agreement with each other before that this divorce agreement won't take effect until next year."

"No problem." Rachel replied without hesitation.

On the other hand, Jack looked down at the papers, rubbed them with his long fingers and then said, "Okay, I am signing now."

After they signed on the paper, both of them could not help but breathe a sigh of relief as if the thing that had been pressed on their shoulders for a long time had been unloaded suddenly. That's what Jack felt.

Rachel just felt these were finally settled, and she was relieved.

Jack had to put on an act to show his family. He felt that his father had used his most sophisticated tricks and schemes on him.

"Let's go." Jack picked up the key on the table and said, "Go to your house."

Rachel finally said, "Okay..."

She didn't know whether Lucas had picked up the kid. It's not convenient to call Lea in front of Jack so she quickly texted her before she got in the car.

She didn't receive any response even after she had been out of the law firm for a while.

Rachel was confused, not knowing what's wrong with Lea and Mendes.

She'd better take the kid home, rather than hanging around outside.

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