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   Chapter 73 Wen Family In Trouble

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When the operation was finished, the nurse went out to inform the family members of the patient. As Rachel finished suturing, the family members waiting outside rushed to her directly, which frightened Rachel.

At the moment when she was hugged, she was in a cold sweat on her back. Fortunately, the middle-aged woman, who hugged her tightly, suddenly burst into tears.

The woman just wanted to say thanks to Rachel. She breathed a sigh of relief, with rigid body also relaxed. Very lucky, she wasn't injured by someone who made the trouble.

She lowered her voice and softly comforted the woman, beside which a girl stood there, with red eyes.

Later, Rachel learned that this middle-aged man, who was sent to the hospital, had Depression, resulting in his jumping down the stairs. Lucky for him, his life was saved.

At lunch time, the doctors couldn't help but discuss, "Why there are so many people jumping down this month?"

Rachel paused for a second and continued to eat.

However, the topic of their conversation continued: "By the way, do you remember the dead girl named Wendy who was sent here a few days ago? Is there any story about her?"

A nurse sitting by the side suddenly lowered her voice. "I know who she is..."

Rachel listened to them quietly. Ning City was not so large. Maybe no one knew the Secretary's name, but they were sure that some high-ranking officials had been arrested recently. Wen Family was very famous and everyone knew them.

When it came to the political situation, any news would be sensational.

Not long ago, Wen Family was in trouble. The media began to make a big fuss on that matter. They not only found out why Cole was taken away by Discipline Inspection Office, but also dug out the relationship between Francis and Wendy, including the grudge between their two families.

People knew who was behind all this.

Rachel hadn't paid attention to this kind of news, so she was not clear about it. But a few people around her was fiercely discussing it.

Gossip was a woman's nature. No wonder it was normal for them to gossip because the leading role just died in their hospital.

What's more, what they were talking about was on the headlines of the current social media.

Hearing this, Rachel felt a little bit hard to swallow the food. She couldn't stop thinking about Wendy's tearful eyes.

Rachel almost finished her lunch. When she was about to stand up with the chopsticks, a doctor who was next to her stopped her.

They quickly changed the topic from the matter of Wendy to Mendes.

Women chatted casually like this. As long as the things didn't become too sensitive, it was no big deal for them to discuss it in private.

Actually, they all knew the reason why Mendes was taken care by Lucas.

It sounded like that a deserted wild cat was adopted by one of their col

Rachel turned around and walked towards the Land Rover. Doctor Wang and other colleagues kept walking towards the door. Suddenly someone whispered, "Doctor Rachel changed a car?"

All of them stopped and turned around. They saw Rachel get on a strange Land Rover.

The head nurse whispered, "She really changed a new car? Doctor Rachel's family is so rich. The apartment she asked me to look for takes several thousand dollars per months."

"Really... Why does she rent a house?"

Doctor Wang interrupted their words. "Doctor Rachel's family is none of your business. Save it."

Rachel got on the Land Rover which soon backed and left.

The head nurse was sapient. "That car... It takes more than one million, right?"

People were attracted by what they said and became curious about Rachel.

There were few doctors like Rachel in the hospital. Although she was the most conspicuous one in this hospital, she always kept a low profile.

Doctor Wang glanced at the head nurse. Seeing that they were all so curious, he thought that there was nothing special to say. "Do you know Fu Family in this city?"

"The Fu Family? Who owns MK Group?"

"The super-rich family?"

They were shocked and speculated. Doctor Wang didn't make it clear to them. He said concisely, "Do you know Doctor Rachel almost had an accident in the hospital a few days ago?"

Someone knew about it, and some didn't. All of them were carefully listening to him.

Doctor Wang said slowly, "The one who came here to solve the problem is Jack Fu, the president of MK. Do you know that?"

All the people in the hall looked at each other in dismay. MK Group... The Fu Family...

People started to guess that Rachel came from a notable family. However, Fu Family...

Fu Family was a famous tycoon family, which was much richer than what they thought.

"Fu Family... Is she the daughter-in-law of Fu Family?"

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