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   Chapter 72 Sign The Agreement

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For fear that he would figure it out, Celine calmed down and said, "How did you go there? I'm in my parents' house."

A hint of disappointment flashed through Jack's eyes, and he asked, "Why did you come back in such a hurry?"

Celine was shocked and nervous, "My mother called me... She called back."

As she just got up, her messy reaction was much lower.

She didn't know what she was talking about actually. "I haven't come back for a long time. I miss them..."

Jack remained silent for a long time.

With the curtain down, her hand holding the phone were sweating. Celine walked into the bathroom, turned around and saw a pale woman in the mirror.

She had been drinking with them till midnight, and she was still emerged in heavy alcohol smell. Her hair was in a mess, and her face was swollen.

Celine closed the bathroom door.

She had a guilty conscience because she was afraid that Jack would hear some noise on the phone, such as the sound of waves and the sound of engine.

Celine swallowed nervously and asked, "Do you want me to go back now?"

"No, you have fun." After saying that, he hung up the phone.

The hanging up sound hit her heart like a heavy hammer. Celine was flustered and wanted to explain to him. When she dialed him again, he directly hung up.

Celine looked at her phone in a daze, not knowing what to do. She had a faint feeling that if she did not explain to Jack what had happened this time, their relationship would be really in danger.

Celine didn't know how to explain it to him and began to regret lying to Jack.

Jack was not so stupid as to be fooled easily.

Jack had met Celine for a long time and was well aware of her habits, her hobbies, what she usually did if she lied.


However, she left all her clothes on the bed without taking them. She never thought that she needed to be so formal when she got home?

Instead, a lot of interesting things would happen to her, such as attending friends' parties or going out. It was worth it for her to pick clothes and shoes patiently before going out.

He had seen all this dozens of times. Celine's lie didn't work. He heard her weak voice on the phone!

Jack stood in front of the window for a long time, and no matter how many times Celine called him, he just hung up. He didn't want to hear her voice at all now.

Although Jack had thought to find out where she was, he finally gave up.

'Forget it, ' he thought.

Eric was asked to go back home by Rachel after dinner. Before he left, he was reluctant and murmured, "Since you have tidied up that guest room, I can sleep there tonight."

"The room housekeeping haven't been finished." She prevaricated.

Eric almost lost his temper. "No, it has been finished. It's me that wipe it out!"

Rachel immediately comforted him, patted his head and said, "Well, good job! You're great.

here to take care of the kid for a day. Rachel was afraid that she couldn't bring the kid with her to the hospital.

Owing to that Lea would offer to take care of Mendes. Rachel thought that they three would have dinner together tonight. They hadn't had time to get together since Lucas came back.

Mendes had a great interest in the beautiful sister, and offered to please her.

After Lea took her seat, he sent milk, fruits and fried eggs to her as well.

Then he sat down beside her and handed her a share of the tableware. He said with a lovely look, "Make yourself at home."

"Okay, Thanks. !" Squinting at him with a smile, Lea lowered his head, kissed him on the cheek and praised, "Good boy!"

Said Mendes, lowering his head and blushing.

Rachel was speechless. She didn't expect that this little boy...

She packed up her things and said to them before she left, "Don't go out. Wait for me here, okay?"


"No problem." They answered.

Rachel was still worried about Mendes was too naughty to be taken care by Lea or maybe two of them would play with each other so happily that lifted her roof.

She thought the second assumption was more likely because of Lea's temperament

Rachel was not at ease and went to work. Nothing happened in her house that made her worried.

Mendes couldn't control himself when facing a beautiful sister.

Mendes listened to Lea's words and they didn't leave the room. They shared the hobby that watched cartoon together.

Therefore, they watched cartoons in the house all day. Lea watched the original sound version of the cartoon, which was too hard for Mendes to understand. He just watched the picture and still felt interested.

Rachel had an operation in the morning. The patient suffered internal injuries because of falling from the high place, but fortunately, it was not serious. After a few day's observation, he would be fine.

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