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   Chapter 70 The Plot

Trapped In Lace By Six Characters: 9969

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The biggest reason why Rachel was persuaded easily by Jonathan because she didn't think Jack would really be so obedient to live with her.

However... It was not until she agreed with the old man that she found that it seemed a little different from what she had expected.

Jack didn't consider agreeing to Jonathan's request at all, which was completely different from what he had told her before.

Rachel found that she had fallen into Jonathan's trap.

She couldn't go back on her promise, so she tried her best to persuade Jack to agree to the agreement and then divorce.

But it was not that she really didn't mind living with Jack, but that Rachel also secretly hid a little bit of her own thoughts.

She had never mentioned divorce before, because Jonathan didn't want them to. From the age of eight to eighteen, she was raised by Fu Family. After losing her parents, the relatives on her mother side refused to take care of her. Meanwhile, there's only her aunt aboard on her father side who always failed to be contacted.

Rachel would always remember that when she was the most helpless in her life and no one was willing to accept her, the Fu Family stood out and took her back.

During the past ten years, Rachel had always kept the grace of support in mind, and knew that the reason why Jack married her was because his grandfather was worried about her before he left.

So Jack's grandfather asked him to marry her so that she could get better care in Fu Family.

Rachel didn't know why his grandfather thought so, but she knew that the old man's heart was sincere and real.

The kindness of the grandfather and Jonathan to her were all kept in Rachel's mind. She had no idea how she could repay them because they didn't lack money.

The only thing Rachel could repay them was this marriage.

Although this marriage had gone bad in the end, which was beyond the reason why Lord Fu wanted to leave her in the Fu Family.

She didn't know why Jonathan insisted on keeping their marriage who had always held the hope that she and Jack might still have the chance to be together and became a real couple.

She couldn't say that Jonathan's idea was really unreliable, but if he didn't agree to their divorce, Rachel wouldn't come to mention it.

On the one hand, she was still young. On the other hand, she had no real relationship with Jack. They didn't see each other often and occasionally appeared together to pretend a couple. The two people were bound only by the law.

The third reason was that she hadn't met the person she loved who made her decide to take the initiative to ask Jonathan to settle this fake marriage.

However, before she could wait for this opportunity, Jonathan suddenly agreed to their divorce.

After knowing the conditions, she was not surprised.

Sure enough, there was a purpose for him to agree with them on this matter. Rachel didn't mind Jonathan's plan.

He sincerely showed them what he wanted and didn'

ce for him.

Eric also knew that she didn't have so much food in the fridge at ordinary times.

"What do you drink his juice?" Rachel raised her chin and pointed at the orange juice in his hand, which she specially squeezed for Mendes.

'It took him a long time to get rid of him.' Eric sighed.

"There's no name poster in the refrigerator." Eric excused.

Rachel curled her mouth and put the duster cloth in his hand. "In my house, it's either mine or prepared for him. Since you have drunk it, you have to give some reward to thank me. Go and clean the two bookcases."

Eric didn't know what to say...

'Just tell me if you want me to work for you. Why made an excuse...'

With a duster cloth in his hand, Eric was speechless. He looked at the guest room and wondered, "Nobody lives here. Why should I clean it?"

Mendes stood on tiptoe to get the towel in his hand. Eric patted his head gently and raised his hand up.

"Be a good boy."

Rachel smiled. "Why do I clean it if no one lives in?"

Eric's eyes lit up, "Is it for me?"

"Good idea."

"Then for whom?" Couldn't for this brat beside him?

Rachel said, "Have you forgotten what this house is for?"

"What... ?" He was at a loss.

"It was used as the wedding room for Jack and me."

"Oh." When it came to Jack, Eric got angry and said with a little unhappiness, "So what? He has never lived in."

"Well, he will live in."

"Now? !" Eric's face twisted and showed an unbelievable expression. "You mean Jack will live in here, with you?"


Rachel knew that he still remembered that Jack almost had his hand broken.

These two were also people who had enmity with each other. Rachel said, "When he moves in, you need to call me before you come here."

That was to prevent Eric from bumping into Jack. But Eric misunderstood.

He began to worry, "Why! Why does Jack suddenly move here! Well, Rachel, you have to be careful if he has any plot! Don't you think it's very strange?"

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