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   Chapter 69 Aesthetics

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Ha-ha... How was that possible? They grew up together. It's more convincing for Michael to trust Jack had been castrated than the thought that Jack had never had sex with a woman in the past four years.

Of course, he didn't say that. Looking at Jack's face instantly cold, Michael shrank and took back his hand from Jack's shoulder.

He said awkwardly, "What's the problem? Just tell me... Bro, I will keep the secret for you."

Is there any unspeakable reason? Men's unspeakable? With a little guess, Jack understood what Michael meant. His expression gradually stiffened.

Michael just continued talking. Jack slowly raised his bruised left hand and slowly clenched it into a fist in front of him. He raised his eyebrows at Michael and said, "What do you think what kind of problem I have?"

In the face of Jack's fist, no matter how sincere he was, Michael dared not continue. He gave a dry smile to the gloomy man and said weakly, "I mean is there anything bothering you... You can tell me."

"Ha-ha!" Jack sneered, "If my woman doesn't give it to me, will you help me?"

Suddenly, Michael's face turned blue.

He shut up with a stiff face. Although the two were good brothers who grew up in the same trousers, they were already over the age when they looked at each other naked. How could it possible...

No matter how close they were as brothers, it would be so weird if they touch each other's crotch... The scene was unimaginable. It was disgusting!

If they were good buddies, then be good buddies.

"Ha-ha." He smiled embarrassedly and moved aside in silence. "This... I'd better find a girl for you. What do you think?"

Jack snorted coldly and said in a pitiful way, "It was you that told me I can ask for your help."

Michael choked and said in his heart in silence, "A buddy cannot be used to address physiological needs."

He leaned forward and put the beer on the table. He giggled and rolled his eyes. After thinking for a while, he couldn't help gossiping, "You really haven't..."

Jack leaned back on the sofa, expressionless. "What?"

"Had sex with woman." Michael pocked his arms. "Well, to be honest, I really don't believe it at all."

It's been such a long time. How could Jack have no desire?

Jack chose not to answer his question that was related to men's face. Therefore, he was so angry with Celine when he heard from Michael that Celine had told him about his privacy.

At the thought of how many people outside knew about this and secretly talked about him with some sympathy and ridicule like Michael, Jack was on fire from the bottom of his heart.

When he walked around

eam at night.

Jack felt humiliated and blamed it on the fact that he hadn't touched a woman for a long time.

He was in a car accident because of these. However, this bastard, Michael, came to mention Rachel in front of him inexplicably.

He felt so awkward when Michael talked about her figure or something.

His good friend told him how the woman he dreamed of last night, who was also his wife was in shape, personality and appearance.

When he saw Michael's talking so hard, he just wanted to seal his mouth.

There was nothing more ridiculous than this. If he didn't stop Michael's eloquence, he might say something more unpleasant.

After getting on Michael's car, Jack thought for a while and still warned him with worry, "Pay attention. Don't tell others about Rachel."

Michael was confused. "Why I tell others about her? I am not a gossipy and boring person."

He was talking with Jack about his wife and mistress.

Well, although it's just about personal taste, it did seem a little strange. One was his nominal wife, and the other was his beloved little girlfriend.

Michael added, "I don't mean anything else. Just a talk between us."

Jack's face suddenly darkened. 'I don't want to talk with you about this.'!

Rachel didn't expect that Jack would agree so soon. She thought at least... Jack would have found some ways to communicate with Lord Fu for a better solution.

Besides, she didn't expect that Jack would move here as soon as he said he would.

The night he told himself the news, he sent another message that he would move here the second day.

The efficiency of him surprised Rachel who rushed to tidy up a guest room for Jack. Maybe in a few days she would prepare a temporary sharing space for him.

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