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   Chapter 64 The Bad Boy

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Hearing what Jack said, Mendes didn't dare to disobey. The little fat immediately ran to Rachel.

He opened his arms, stood naked on the bed and let Rachel help him to get dressed. Jack glanced at his chubby buttocks which were as plump as a bun.

He came over and slapped on Mendes shoulder, "You little rat, get dressed by yourself."

Mendes turned his head in surprise, covering his little butt and staring at him with his big eyes. It seemed that he was molested.

With an expressionless face, Jack raised his chin and said, "Hurry up!"

On the other side, Rachel held the clothes in her hands, trying not to laugh. Mendes came over to her obediently and took the clothes from her hands and put them on himself.

Rachel glanced at Jack from time to time. She didn't expect that he easily made the child listen to him.

Maybe Jack knew Mendes would not dare to make troubles because of his tough attitude.

Mendes put on the top in a second without asking for Rachel's help.

However, he stumbled and couldn't stand on the bed. So Rachel let him hold her arm, and at the same time, Jack also hold the other side of the little fatty to keep his balance.

So that he could easily wear his pants. His two little fat legs entered two pockets and pulled the trousers up.

Looking at his movement, Jack suddenly wanted to laugh, and inexplicably thought it was lovely.

Mendes noticed that Jack was looking at him. "Are we going to sleep together, three of us?"

Jack's face froze, while Rachel felt a little awkward. "Well... I don't think so."

It shouldn't be? Then where could he sleep?

They didn't even have a guest room in Fu Family. Jonathan had planned to let them sleep in the same room.

When they first sleep on the same bed last time, Jack was very impatient, just pretending to be polite.

When he recalled what happened last time, Jack smelled the light fragrance again. He smelled it carefully for a while and suddenly asked Rachel, "Did you use perfume?"

"No, I didn't..." Rachel was a bit confused. Why did he always ask her this question?

Mendes jumped into her arms, took a deep breath and exaggeratedly said, "It smells good! !"

"Haha..." Rachel couldn't help laughing.

"All right. I'll try to find a place to get sleep," Jack said indifferently, trying to remaining calm.

There was only one result, of course. The three of them slept in the same bed.

The bed was wide enough for two more adults to sleep on.

Mendes was reluctant to be strangers. Rachel even didn't need to coax him.

Furthermore, Mendes asked Rachel to sleep between them. She thought that it was okay for him to sleep in the middle, so she agreed.

When Jack saw they both lie down, he stood beside with hesitation like a girl who didn't dare to come to bed.

Even he was

to hypnotize herself, a low male voice came from the other side of the bed. "Are you asleep?"

"Not yet..."

It turned out that she was not the only one who didn't sleep. As soon as Jack moved, he gently touched the soft pillow. Then he said in an uncomfortable voice, "I can't sleep."

Rachel thought silently, 'You want to talk with me?'

She replied numbly, "I can't sleep either..." Actually she kept her eyes open all the time.

"I'm a little worried that I might press him when I'm asleep." He continued speaking on the other end of the line.

However, what he said next alarmed Rachel. Her sleepiness, which she had tried so hard to get, ran away immediately.

Jack's question worried her. Rachel was used to sleeping alone. What if she fell asleep and pressed Mendes by accident?

The case happened that a child was pressed by his parents who slept too hard and was sent to the hospital for treatment in the hospital.

Hearing this, Rachel was worried. What if she was too sleepy and pressed on people?

"How about... Move him to the side?" After a moment of silence, he suggested again. The bed was big enough to protect the kid from falling down.

Rachel nodded her head. She thought it was a good idea, but...

"Wait a second. He just fell asleep. He must wake up if you move him now. "

"You are right..."

With uneasiness, Jack was waiting for the little boy to fall asleep little by little. Meanwhile, he counted the time in his mind to make him gradually feel sleepy.

However, the more he tried to calm down, the more hopeless he became. He felt there was a soft body lying on his arm, holding his fingers with small hands, and his warm breath fell on his arms.

Jack looked stiff, "Is he asleep?"

"Wait a minute."

Jack thought for a while, and then he changed another topic. "Do his parents mind if you brought him here?"

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