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   Chapter 63 Will You Get Divorce

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Jack's face darkened.

Mendes lift his head, puzzled. He looked around, not knowing what they were talking about.

Seeing his curious look, Jonathan's tone softened again. He smiled and touched Mendes's head. "It's okay. Let's have dinner."


After dinner, Jonathan asked Rachel to go to his study alone.

Taking advantage of this moment, Tracy rushed over to take care of her son nervously. She asked, "Are you really going to divorce with Rachel?"

Her words gave Jack a headache. He rubbed his forehead and said indifferently, "Depend on her."

What ''depend on her' meant? Tracy was a little angry and said nervously, "You two seem still love each other, Why you want to get divorce suddenly? Did you... Have some trouble outside?"

Tracy was referring to Celine. In fact, she was afraid that her son would say something like that Celine was pregnant.

She really didn't like that Celine. 'What if she got pregnant?'

Tracy knew her husband loved kids so much that the light in front of her eyes was dim.

"Jack Jack, please don't..."

"Mom, you are thinking too much." Everything was shown on his mother's face. Jack knew exactly what she wanted to say at a glance.

With patience, Jack explained for the last time, "It's none of her business whether I divorce with Rachel or not. Don't worry, alright?" He curled his lips and taunted, "Which couple are like us?"

He and Rachel were as far apart as a real couple.

The best solution was to separate with each other. It had been very difficult for them to get the result of a five-year mistake.

To be honest, he didn't think he could afford another five years.

After dinner, Mendes turned to watch a cartoon obediently. Looking at his little figure, Tracy asked with hesitation, "Is this boy... Really the son of Rachel's friend?"

"Or, you think Rachel is his mother?"

Tracy's face turned dark with embarrassment. She hesitated for a while, unable to answer her son's question.

Unable to persuade his mother, Jack said, "Mom, you really should watch less TV dramas like rubbish.

He and Rachel didn't meet each other a couple of times a year. It's absolutely impossible to make her pregnant. In addition, Rachel never had the chance to be seen her swollen belly. So, this kind of thing could never occur.

Besides, Rachel was not the kind of person who would ignore her child after giving the birth and would never ask her kid to call her 'sister'.

"Mom, I take her as my younger sister. Even if I didn't marry Celine in the end, Rachel and I... Have no future."

Somehow when he said this, he felt a little guilty.

Did he really treat Rachel as his sister? When he uttered these words, Jack felt very guilty.

The scene of her show-up at Francis's engagement banquet in the hotel came to his mind all

o whatever he wanted.

This was the room where Jack used to live. After they got married, it was changed for the couple's use.

It was a small room with limited space, and as soon as Jack came in, he was greeted with a warm scene, where everything was so familiar to him.

Mendes came out of the room and went to bed under Rachel's urging.

Then he found the soft bed and rushed on the bed, like found a new world. He rolled on the bed in excitement.

Rachel was trying to grab him. Small fat loach was covered with meat, but his movement was very flexible. Before Rachel touched him, he rolled his away to farther place.

She rolled up her sleeves and climbed into the bed, trying to seize the bloke back.

Standing by the door, Jack was aroused up.

Rachel knelt on the bed in front of him, stretching out and bending over herself.

Her waist and buttock showed a graceful shape...

Jack had no sex life for a long time.

It's nothing more than eating some minced meat. Looking at what was happening in front of him, he felt his throat dry.

He swallowed and stood there for a while. The stupid woman still couldn't grab the little fatty clumsily.

He said with a low voice and turned around to leave.

Rachel was about to sweat. But Mendes thought she was playing games with him. He was so excited and couldn't stop rolling on the bed.

Rachel was afraid to hurt Mendes so she didn't dare to grab him too hard.

They kept tossing and turning for a while. Rachel was afraid that Mendes might catch a cold. When she was about to take him to her that time, a dark figure appeared beside the bed.

Jack stretched out his long arm and easily caught back the rolling boy on the bed.

This guy became obedient to Jack, maybe knowing that he wasn't the one who was patient enough to coax him.

Jack raised his chin and said, "Put on your clothes."

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