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   Chapter 62 Where Did He Sleep

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When Rachel saw the expression on Jack's face changed, she raised her head and cleared her throat. She thought maybe she had spoken too much nonsense in front of him, so she said, "Thanks for your detailed answers."

He smiled. "You're welcome." Jack looked at her and said tentatively, "Wendy was still too weak. If it were you, You were not possible to do such a stupid thing."

"Me? ?" Rachel was very surprised. She raised her eyebrows and smiled. "I'm glad that you think highly of me. It doesn't matter with whether I'll do something stupid, but... I'm totally different from Wendy in personality."

But Jack still felt a little worried. Although he didn't know whether Francis's words were reliable or not, he still tried to warn himself not to have so much conflict with Rachel.

But Jack still couldn't figure out why Rachel didn't want to divorce. He knew that Rachel was not the kind of person who coveted wealth or fame, like she enjoyed being the daughter-in-law of Fu Family.

On the contrary, Rachel disdained this fame. However, she had no intention of divorcing, let alone showing any affection for herself.

At this moment, Jack remembered that it was unreasonable for a woman when she was out of her mind. But for Rachel, she definitely would not do anything stupid in the future.

But Jack couldn't be one hundred percent sure she wouldn't do that, so he tried to sound her out. If she reflected a lot about the divorce, he'll come up with a safer way.

Realizing that he didn't get the answer he wanted, Jack lowered his voice and said, "I want to ask you something."

It was the first time to see Jack's being like this, so Rachel was on the alert. "What do you want to ask?"

He took a slight glance at her and said in an indifferent tone, "As for... Our marriage settlement, Do you have any idea?"

He mentioned it again!? Fortunately, it was nothing else. Rachel breathed a sigh of relief. She had thought that he would tell her something worse.

Jack mentioned about this to her many times this year. Every time she told him she didn't care if Jonathan wouldn't mind.

Her answer was still the same, only changed her tone and statement. "As long as you can persuade Jonathan, I have no objection.

A gleam flashed across Jack's eyes. "Really?"


After thinking for a while, he said, "Okay, then..."

Someone was knocking the door. Someone interrupted their conversation. Jack went to open the door and he saw Stewardess Yun standing outside and said, "Jonathan want to see Miss Rachel, it seems that little boy is looking for her."

Over the years, she had been called Rachel as Miss Rachel, even if she had been married for years.

This was the first time that Jack noticed such a tiny detail. He nodded and said, "Okay, I'll tell her."

He turned back and told her that Mendes was looking for her anxiously.

When she heard that Mendes was in a hurry, Rachel couldn't wait any longer and hurriedly went downstairs.

She was

how to make Rachel sign the agreement. She said as long as his father agreed.

Jonathan showed great interest in the child. He not only took care of them during the whole meal time, but also talked with Mendes from time to time.

Tracy was a little jealous when she saw this. She thought Jonathan had never treated his son like this

This was so-called 'doting your grandson over your son'. Tracy sighed in her heart and watched the few ordinary people in front of her.

She had no appetite at all. 'is it true that they are going to divorce?' she wondered?

She didn't know that Jonathan added one more request on their divorce agreement. They had to live for a year before got divorce formally.

The only thing that bothered her was whether her son would marry that woman after they divorced?

Thinking of this possibility, Tracy was in a bad mood.

She was so entangled with herself that she didn't even have the chance to eat, whereas Rachel and Jack had the same appetite as usual.

Noticing her mother-in-law's in deep thought, Rachel asked with concern, "Tracy, what's wrong? You eat nothing."

Tracy looked at her, opened her mouth and closed. With a helpless look, she shook her head.

This kind of silence made the air still. Jack stopped and watched at his mother.

Mindy waved her hand hurriedly. "Nothing serious, I just have a bad appetite."

"Just eat your food. I have something to tell you later," Jonathan said smilingly.

'What is it?' Rachel wondered.

On the other hand, Jack glanced at his father, with a wicked glint in his eyes.

At this moment, Jonathan suddenly said, "You can stay here tonight and go back tomorrow morning."

The next day was Saturday. It's not matter with Rachel. But...

'Where would Mendes sleep? Alone?'

Before she had time to think more about it, Jack said, "I have something to do tomorrow, so I have to leave early."

Hearing this, Jonathan scowled and scolded him, "Is that so hurry? Stay here tonight."

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