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   Chapter 61 Gossiping By Nature

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After a short pause, he said in a low voice, "what is it?" He wondered whether his father had called her to say something first.

However, when she began to talk, he found that what they were talking about was completely different.

"The engagement party we attended last time Do you know the bride-to-be who is dead?"

Hearing that, a light flashed across Jack's eyes. He said, "Wendy, I know. How could you... ?"

"I picked her up at the hospital." She raised the corner of her lips and saw an obvious flash of surprise on his face.

He forgot that she was a doctor.

Rachel hesitated for a moment and then asked, "I don't know if it's appropriate to ask you about that. I just want to ask you... Do you know why she jumped off the building?"

"Are you interested?" His question was a little sharp. Rachel's face changed slightly. She pursed her lips and said, "Forget it. I'm sorry to ask you."

"I didn't mean anything else. I just..." Jack was trying to explain. He paused and changed the topic. "Why do you want to know about it all of a sudden?"

After all, women were born to enjoy gossip? Actually, Celine had done a lot of similar things just out of curiosity. However, Jack didn't like this kind of curiosity.

"I talked to her the other day before I left. She asked me to send a message to her brother, Vincent. The way she looked at the engagement was so strange. I really wanted to know.... Did she ask someone for help that day?"

Jack didn't expect that it was because of this. He stunned for a moment. "What kind of message she asked you to send?"

"Ask Vincent to go back?" Rachel tilted her head and thought for a while. She frowned slightly and said, "She means that he should just leave them alone. Don't meddle in other people's business. Then..."

Jack remembered what happened next that he met Celine who was running after him, and was so angry with her that he took her away and left Rachel there alone, and finally Rachel was sent back by Vincent, who must have been told about the message.

After that incident, Rachel was sick and had a fever for a whole night. As a result, Jack was very guilty for that.

Jack remembered that their main purpose of coming here was to talk about the divorce. He changed his tone and said more seriously, "There are some conflicts between their two families. Wendy... She is one of victims."

Facing her eyes with obvious doubts, Boris simply told her briefly about it.

Francis's father and Cole were rivals in the political system. It was said that the competition between them was very obvious and fierce.

It was not until there was a conflict between the two groups of interests that Cole did something on Francis' father and pulled him down to the ground.

It was a trouble caused by Francis, which gave Cole a chance to get the idea.

Francis was a rebellious child when he was young. He skipped classes, fought against gangs and was very cynical.

He also made a little girlfriend and dated with the girl for about half a year. He brought her home and told his family to marry her.

He was only seventeen year

nd to pull Cole down once.

In the process of slowly collecting evidence, Francis inadvertently got to know Wendy and he knew she's an adopted daughter of Cole.

At that time, he was extremely angry. He approached her with a playful attitude, but in the end, he lost his heart to her.

No, he wasn't really going to lose. Actually, he met his 'real competitor', that is, this woman aroused his interest.

He even bet on his marriage with her, on whether she would like to stand by his side and stay with him forever.

However, before the bet came to an end, she ended her life.

Hearing this, Rachel was speechless. She didn't know that there was such a complicated past.

The whole world knew what kind of attitude this person held to approach her, but Wendy never resisted. She was at the mercy of him. In the end, she would be used by Francis as a tool to ridicule the Wen Family.

Jack said that Francis had regretted. Wendy should not die to punish him.

Hearing this, Rachel smiled sarcastically and said, "Maybe he thinks too much. Punishment? Is it because Wendy felt that she had nothing left to live for?"

Jack didn't know how to answer this question. It was nothing to do with him. It was undeniable that he was shocked by Wendy's suicide, but it was not enough to make him worry about it in detail and think about why she died.

Rachel just had wanted to know what had happened to Wendy at that time and whether she had reached out a hand for help. Rachel didn't expect that she got a lot of information from Jack.

She was in a complicated mood now. According to the words of Jack, Wendy chose to die not to punish someone. She just really didn't want to live, instead of suicide with anger.

She recalled the time when Wendy was sent to the emergency room, the slightly tearful eyes were more released than the nostalgia for the world.

"Such Jerks!"

She sighed, her tone filled with contempt. "Some people only regret when things come to an end. Why didn't they think about how stupid they are when they show arrogance to others?"

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