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   Chapter 56 The Dress Got Dirty

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Her tears fell down while she said this. She bit her lower lip and said, "She mocked me that I was just a bitch She laughed at me, by saying that was it because you dumped me and I was so poor that I cared so much about a dress. But I was really anxious at that time. That dress was given to me by you. I was even reluctant to wear it at ordinary times. I didn't expect the boy to treat it like that!"

With Jack's brows gradually wrinkled, Celine looked up and glanced at him, with joy in her heart. It seemed that Jack had listened to her.

However, what she didn't know was that Jack was thinking of another question.

Dress? He didn't remember which dress he gave Celine, "Which dress did I give you?"

Hearing his question, Celine was stunned. She didn't expect that he would ask her such a question

"The one you brought back from France last time."

Which one? Jack failed to remember anything. He kept silent for a while and then asked, "What else did Rachel say to you?"

Celine's heart skipped a beat. She didn't open his mouth until she had thought it through. However, what came out of her mouth was much different from the truth.

Rachel was a venomous woman in Celine's mouth. Celine said that Rachel humiliated her in front of many people. The truth has been processed by Celine.

The real situation was distorted but Celine's words made it true.

It sounded like exactly how Rachel was scolding her and Celine told Jack how aggrieved she was at that time.

While listening to her in silence, Jack had a faint doubt in his words, even though he didn't think that Celine would lie.

If Rachel hadn't done anything bad to Celine, she wouldn't have come back to have a drink. But when he heard what she said about Rachel, Jack was suspicious.

Because in the 'deal' that Rachel proposed to him last time, Celine had come to see Rachel. Later, his men who was protecting Celine send him a video. Jack watched the whole conversation between them in the restaurant.

He had seen Rachel's power of being mean, which was different from what Celine said.

To be more specific, the description of Rachel, which was said by Celine, sounded so Boorish. It was not like Rachel at all, especially when it came to being mean to people.

Jack thought for a while and thought that Celine might have changed a bit in order to make a complaint about Rachel. Jack listened to her quietly and released her, without showing any expression. "Take it easy. I'll talk to her later."

Suddenly, Celine's face darkened. She had meant to tell Jack so that he would hate Rachel and wanted to stay away from her. But she didn't expect that he would get in touch with Rachel.

She angrily released his hand and shouted, "Don't you go to find her!"

After saying that, she felt that her tone was too stiff, so she softened her voice. "I don't want you to see her. Don't go to see her, okay?"

ldn't block others outside door.

So did Jack. He thought Francis would take action after a while. Unexpectedly, Francis could not wait to take actions against Wen Family in less than five days after the engagement.

The Wen Family had truly come to an end this time. Even sending an adopted daughter to Cheng Family wouldn't save them some time.

Two days later.

Rachel, who was running back with the file in her hand, was grabbed by an arm from behind. The nurse ran so fast that she couldn't catch her breath. She said anxiously, "Doctor Shen, hurry up. The ambulance is on its way. A patient who has jumped off a building was sent here. She is in danger."

Rachel's face darkened. She turned around and walked back quickly. She looked at her watch with knitted brows and asked, "Did he tell you when he will arrive?"

"Five minutes! There are still five minutes when they arrives at the emergency door! "

"Let's go!"

Rachel didn't expect that the patient sent by the ambulance was Wendy, who had already passed out when she arrived. Everyone quickly rushed to the operating room, while checking Wendy's situation.

After Rachel changed into the surgical uniform, she frowned tightly and her heart thumped wildly.

In the meeting of the Cheng Group, the screen of the cellphone placed on the desk by Francis suddenly lit up. Seeing that it was a strange call, he frowned and hung up without hesitation.

After a while, the phone rang again. It hung up three times as usual, but the number kept ringing. He guessed that something was wrong.

He gestured to the crowd to stop, stood up, walked over to the window and answered the phone.

A few moments later, a sudden loud noise attracted everyone's attention. All the people looked back, only to see that the president's phone dropped by his feet. He slowly bent down to pick it up and put it back to his hand.

He asked in a hoarse voice, "what did you say?"

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