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   Chapter 53 The Baby Got Into Trouble

Trapped In Lace By Six Characters: 10196

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If she continued to explain when they hesitated, then the result would be totally different.

The two were considering the style and quality of the toy. When the saleswoman was wondering when the appropriate time to tell them, the boy suddenly saw the toy behind the two shelves.

Mendes was so excited that he ran to it quickly.

Rachel squatted down to help Lucas choose the articles carefully. She didn't find that Mendes suddenly ran away.

Lucas even didn't realize that Mendes didn't behave as he said just now.

Neither Rachel nor Lucas was so decisive. They couldn't decide which dress to pick when they were facing those flowers. They thought it was best to let Mendes to choose. However, they didn't find him when they turned around.

Rachel was so shocked that she stood up immediately, looked around the shelf, and shouted, "Mendes? Mendes?"

Lucas stood up too. He frowned and said helplessly, "Where did he go?"

The shopping guide was frightened by the sudden movement of Rachel. She had been scared before, but she was more experienced in dealing with such situation since kids were all naughty.

Kids always ran away. When the saleswoman was about to say something, there were two screams from the shelf not far away.

The two saleswomen on the second floor exchanged glances with each other and immediately ran towards the beddings shelf. The shopping guide escorting Rachel also ran there.

What's up? ? Rachel looked back at Lucas, who was also confused. There was a hint of doubt in his eyes. As he stepped forward, he said in a low voice, "go and have a look."

It seemed that something happened behind the goods shelf. Rachel followed him and they were about to get there when a shrill female voice rang out.

"Whose child is he!? If you don't want me to kill him, just take him away from me!"

Rachel was familiar with this arrogant voice. It sounded like she had heard it before

However, Lucas had another question in his mind. When Lucas and Rachel got there and saw the scene, their hearts missed a beat.

Rachel didn't expect that Nin Xi was so small. A few days later, she ran into Jack's sweetheart, Celine.

Celine wiped her skirt with one hand, and the other holding a puppet with the other hand. She was really pissed off, and Rona, who stood next to her, looked terrible.

It seemed that something dirty had sprayed on the hem of Celine's dress. Celine was glaring at the boy in front of her angrily.

Pointing at him, Rona turned around and complained in a sharp and soft voice, "Whose child is he! !? Why does he look like a wild monkey that no one cares about? Call his family over! Give us... "

The voice behind them suddenly disappeared. Rona stared at her, seeming to be surprised to recognize Rachel. Rona secretly pulled Celine to stop her and Celine said angrily, "What are you doing! !"

Without noticing Rachel, Celine put the puppet into Rona's arms. Celine looked at the thin little boy and shouted angrily, "Call your parents! Ask them to pay for my dre

Rachel was there, she couldn't speak it out. She wouldn't lose her confidence in front of her enemy!

Rachel raised the corner of her lips and looked at the mother of that child. She lightly said, "It's just a piece of rag. There's no need to compensate?"

Her words made everyone's face change. Lucas looked back and was a little surprised, but he didn't say anything.

He stepped back a little bit and let Rachel come forward.

When Rachel said that just now, the woman in front of Rachel was just holding back her anger, and didn't talk back as sharply as when she was talking to Lucas or the children's mother.

The girl next to Celine looked at Rachel with a complicated expression in her eyes. Lucas thought they might know each other.

Rachel's eyes fell on the edge of Celine's white dress. Indeed, there was a mark on the edge of the white dress, but it was not very disturbing.

Rachel curled her lips and sneered, "Has Jack gone bankrupt or has he dumped you? Why do you have to pick on others for such a broken dress?"

Celine blushed. She did not expect that the scene just now was all seen by Rachel.

She was not in a good mood. In fact, the dress was not dirty, but she was not in a good mood.

In this case, it was only an act of venting her anger.

Even if the other really wanted to compensate her, she didn't want it!

Unexpectedly, Rachel inserted her hand into this. If Celine needs to name someone she didn't like most, then the first one came to her mind must be Rachel.

Lucas frowned. He speculated that there might be something wrong between them, and that it might have something to do with Jack.?

Celine, like a hedgehog facing an enemy, put up the sharp spines all over her body to guard against the attacks. She straightened up her chest and pretended to be full of confidence, raising her slender eyebrows and taunting, "Don't worry about us. We are fine." Celine fiddled with her long, light brown hair and sneered, "Let me ask you, how long have you not seen him?"

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