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   Chapter 50 Discussion About The Divorce Agreement

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"I don't care even if the woman was a street cleaner. I just want you to know what the person who really loves you is."

After being silent for a while, Jack said, "father, most of the street workers are over 40 years old now..."

When Jonathan was drinking his tea, he almost spat out the water in his mouth. After clearing his throat, he said with a sullen face, "this is not the point!"

"Then Since you already agreed to our divorce, why should I stay with her for a while?"

Instead of answering him immediately, Jonathan stood up and walked to the desk. He took out a piece of paper from the drawer, returned and put it in front of him.

The bolded title caught Jack's attention. He looked at the divorce agreement, then his fingers tightened.

Jonathan sat down again and said, "You should sign this agreement first. I'll prepare another one for Rachel and let her sign it later."

A black pen was placed in front of him, and Jack was not in a hurry to sign, but carefully read through the contents of the agreement.

It was not strange at all. As for the money or house that they should compensate for Rachel, Jack had no objection at all. He looked through them one after another.

He finally found something wrong with their agreement. There was no date to effect this agreement.

This was exactly what his father wanted.

Jack said, "The agreement hasn't come into force."

With a smile on his face, the old man said, "From the day you sign your name, the contract will come into force one year later."

Squinting at his father, Jack said, "Why do you have to wait until a year later?"

"Didn't I tell you? I have a request. "

Jack nodded, "go ahead."

"In the next year, I want you to live with Rachel and take good care of her. Even if you are despised and abused by her, you can't lose your temper at her, or scold her, or even move out because of anger."

The more Jonathan said, the angrier Jonathan got. What the hell was it? He was forced to live with Rachel after the divorce?

"Oh, yes." "Besides, you can get involved with any woman except Rachel!" Jonathan added smilingly.

With his mouth twitching, Jack replied in a cold voice, "are you kidding me?"

"No kidding. Seriously, if you can make it, I'll have the file delivered to Rachel to sign it."

Jack closed his eyes and took a deep breath, "Don't you think it is ridiculous? Is it necessary? "

The old man nodded seriously, "yes."

Jack put down his pen, leaned back, and said after a pause, "let me think about it."

"Still considering?" The old man curled his lips in disdain and encouraged, "if I were you, I would quickly agree to your proposal. Anyway, it's not a big deal? In the future, if a man is divorced, he will still be cherished, but a divorced woman... "

Jonathan sighed and said, "I'm sure that if this condition is shown to Rachel, she will sign it immediately."

Jack still kept his poker face.

Seeing this, Jonathan continued to work hard to persuade him, "What's more, do yo


Some nasal sound was produced when Rachel said these words. Mendes poked her face with his finger and smiled curiously. He said in a baby's voice, "Do you catch a cold because you kicked the quilt at night?"

"Well This one... " Rachel rubbed her forehead and tried to explain to him, "it's not what you think..."

A chuckle came from the door, and a clear male voice answered for her, "yes, that's it."

She looked up and smiled, "Hi, Lucas."

Lucas also started to work. The nurses of the hospital were especially attracted by his appearance in the white uniform.

Lucas was wearing a white gown and a tall, standard clothes frame like a model, which made him look like the leading actor in a traditional TV series, which was a hit.

The face mask he wore only revealed his deep eyes and his straight nose. When the words' dream man' became popular, Lucas was the most worthy person to be named as the 'dream man' in the hospital.

Besides his outstanding appearance, Lucas and Rachel were the two most outstanding doctors among the new candidates in recent years.

Rachel's major was neurology. But somehow she offered to be transferred to the surgical department.

In the hospital, everyone knew that Lucas and she were on good terms. Although they were fellow apprentices, there was a rumor that they were a couple.

At the very beginning, some people even doubted that they were a couple. However, as time went by, they gradually realized that they were not a couple in spite of their good relationship.

People had no idea about Rachel's family background, and she had never mentioned it herself. Dr. Shen kept a low profile, but there were rumors that she came from a notable family.

The crowd had no objection. Rachel was graceful and the bag in her hand looked ordinary, but some people recognized that it was a famous international brand, whose price was equal to the salary of some nurses in the hospital for a month.

Besides, Rachel had her own car, which was not cheap.

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