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   Chapter 48 The Shen Family (Part Two)

Trapped In Lace By Six Characters: 9884

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A chill came to Eric's back, which made his scalp tingle under his gaze. He bowed his head and answered in a low voice, "Yes."

"Yes." Jack nodded and left with his coat.

Eric sat in the sofa and waited for a while, stumbling out, bending over the railing and peeping at the entrance.

After thinking that Jack has gone, Eric stood up and faced the hallway, waving his fists and kicks fiercely in the air as if Jack was really standing in front of him.

When he outlet his anger, Eric couldn't help but despise himself with his shoulders down! What a coward

Eric swore to himself that he would never run away from Jack next time he saw him. Besides, he would teach him a good lesson! The premise was Rachel was there.

However What happened last night? 'Is it true that Jack was the one who has come here to take care of his sister?' Eric wondered, with a trace of hesitation in his eyes.

How is that possible? Eric immediately denied his thought. In his eyes, Jack was not a good man.

"Austin, you go there and meet with Andy at eight o'clock. And tell him" He looked down at his watch and said, "Sorry, I will be late for about forty minutes."

"Okay, I will convey your words."

After hanging up the phone, Jack rubbed his forehead. He was a little tired because of staying up all night. Finally, he breathed a sigh of relief.

With a cry of hunger in his stomach, Jack pressed his stomach and suddenly sniffed, smelling a faint smell of food in the car.

He then remembered the snacks he bought yesterday. After a night, he thought they were not as yummy as they were yesterday.

He thought it was a pity that the hotel would send someone to have a look. As a local, he didn't know there was a special snack street there. But Rachel seemed to be familiar with this place.

He used to think that she was a doctor and the room was clean enough, so she must not like it.

At least, in his view, all the women were this. Those outstanding or not women of various fields would especially pay attention to the men when going out on a date.

Even a woman without any romantic style would specially care about her demeanor. When thinking of last night when Rachel blew hard to the spoon, the puffed cheeks made him want to poke, but there was not a graceful lady at all.

There were only three possibilities in which a woman didn't pay much attention to her behavior in front of a man: she was very familiar with Hiram and treated him very well. One was that she had a mild nature, while the last one was that Rachel didn't care about him.

With his slender fingers tapping the steering wheel, Jack thought thoughtfully.

Rachel had a good sleep. Just as what Jack said, the food was delivered soon after he left. With the hotel name printed on the box, Eric wanted to throw it directly. But when he saw the name, he changed his mind without hesitation.

Rachel, who was in sound sleep, was woken up by Eric's


What the hell She remembered that when Jack put ice pack on her head, she felt quite uncomfortable and pushed him off several times.

Jack took it and put it on her forehead immediately. Being a little annoyed, he said, "stop it!"

Rachel lost her temper and made a snort, like a child who was unhappy to do what she wanted.

Rachel twisted the towel over her face. She couldn't bear to think about what happened last night.

Fine! What kind of illness was she suffering from!


Rachel had been taking medicine for lunch. In the afternoon, Rachel obviously felt much better in spirit and physical strength.

People always said that Diseases come on wings and depart on foot. Rachel was just the case.

However, her disease didn't depart on foot. Eric murmured as he was enslaved, "You are really like a cow."

Rachel slapped on the back of his head angrily and said, "how could you say that?"

Eric snorted and then continued bitterly, "I was completely cheated by your delicate appearance! ! You must have been pretending it this morning, right? You are teasing me on purpose, aren't you? Who would be so healthy now so quick when he was sick in the morning?"

Rachel blushed and felt guilty. She pretended to be relaxed her hands and feet and went to the sofa. Then she lay down herself and covered her head with one hand. She groaned, "Ouch My head hurts... "

Hearing this, Eric was confused, "..."

Expressionless, he said, "can you be more hypocritical, I'm serious."

In the quiet study, there was a faint scent of sandalwood floating from the incense box.

Fu Family and his father sat opposite, with a black and white chess in the middle.

They played chess at leisure, which was rare for them. But Jonathan was focusing on it, and he was unwilling to be defeated by Rachel last time.

He didn't want to admit that his chess skills had really fallen back, so he wanted to make some prestige from his son.

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