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   Chapter 47 Leaving For The Shen Family (Part one)

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Since Eric was in a good mood, he asked for leave specially from the company and went to the porridge shop. This time he came early and there were few people in the shop, so he didn't need to wait in line. He packed two boxes directly and went to the home of Rachel.

The moment the door was opened, Eric was still in a good mood.

The sun was just rising in the morning. Eric hadn't seen the sun so early for a long time, so he immediately took out his phone and took several photos of the morning sun.

After taking the photos, he posted a moment in his media account, with the words: "long time no see, the rising sun!" _.

Humming a song, Eric strolled towards the community. When he came in, he noticed that there was a strange car downstairs in the garage.

When he reached the second floor, he couldn't open the door of Ruan's house. He bowed his head and searched for the keys in his pocket, except his wallet and cell phone. It was a key to his home. Eric patted his thigh remorsefully. Oh, shit He forgot that she was at home again.

Eric couldn't open the door, and called Rachel directly.

In the bedroom, the curtain was closed tightly and the sunlight couldn't penetrate in at all. The big and soft bed made Rachel sleep soundly. Her phone rang and vibrated beside the bed. Rachel in her deep sleep didn't hear the sound at all.

Her petals, which were as delicate as flowers, had been parched for a whole night, and now they were like broken petals. She was skinny, and her breathing was somewhat heavy. It was obvious that her conditions did not get better last night, or she would not have been sleeping so deep at the moment.

The phone kept buzzing for quite a long time. When the last light was turned off, a missed call came out on the screen.

After a small moment, the phone buzzed again, but nobody heard it at all, as the host had fallen into a deep sleep.

A man's hand came over and picked up his mobile phone that was vibrating ceaselessly. His long finger stayed on the screen for a moment, and then his index finger moved left.

A sweet female voice came from the other end of the phone, "Sorry, the number you dialed cannot be answered now..."

Confused, Eric hung up the phone and rang the doorbell. He didn't believe that Rachel wasn't at home now.

She couldn't just get up and go to work today?

"What He thought over

According to Rachel's character, it was really possible!

When Eric was about to withdraw his hand from the doorbell, the door in front of him opened without warning and an unexpected man appeared in his sight.

The man was tall and straight, wearing a white bathrobe. His slightly wet black hair stuck to his forehead. He stood at the door and elegantly smiled at Eric.

Eric froze as if he had been struck by lightning. When he saw the man's domineering eyes, he slowly turned around.

"I'm sorry. I might get in the wrong room..."

After that, Eric turned around and went downstairs. Jack left the door open and unhurriedly got himself a glass of water.

When the cup was about to touch his lips, an angry voice came from behind, "Why

on the table.

It was obvious that these things couldn't be brought by Rachel herself. She wouldn't put them on the ground.

As soon as Jack entered the bedroom, Eric instantly looked away from him and then sat here with a straight face as if he were a sculpture.

After Jack entered the bathroom with a suit in his hand, Eric breathed a sigh of relief with his shoulders falling down again.

'Rachel had a fever last night?

Looking at Rachel who was in a deep sleep and those greasy food he bought, Eric quickly put them aside.

After a while, Jack got dressed and came out of the bathroom. He looked down and fixed his cuff.

Eric sat straight with a scornful look on his face. In his eyes, Jack was just a playboy.

Eric Ignored Jack but Jack was not as petty as he was. Jack straightened his clothes, picked up the coat on the table and said indifferently, "I'll have someone bring some light breakfast to you. Then wake her up to eat. Those things..."

When his eyes moved to the steamed stuffed dough sticks and deep fried dough sticks bought by Eric, a flash of disgust appeared in his eyes. Jack said, "Just throw them away. If I let her eat all of them, she may have a high fever."

When Eric saw the disdain in Jack's eyes, he almost jumped up from his chair! What's wrong with these I bought! Throw it away!

At last, before he left, Jack added, "If she's still sick, send her to the hospital. I'll call back later. "

With a straight face, Eric felt his heart flooding like the tsunami. He wanted to roar back to Jack domineeringly, and wanted to arrogantly say to Jack that it was none of your business. He wanted to cast a cold glance at him and snorted with disdain.

He could almost win an Oscar in his heart, but he didn't dare to say a word like a frightened dog.

Just like a child who is competing with an adult, no matter what Jack says, Eric acts as if he was a stature. Eric gave no care to Jack.

However, Jack was not one of his parents. There was pressure in his eyes. He raised his eyebrows and asked patiently, "Do you hear that?"

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