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   Chapter 46 The Aggravated Condition

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Rachel was still astonished and quiet when Jack apologized carefully. When she saw Jack walking towards the restaurant, she was surprised and immediately called out to him, "are you hungry again?"

"No, I'm not. I will take one back."

Rachel said nothing more, watching Jack come out and buy some food.

Then he walked to the next house. When he was about to enter, Rachel asked in confusion, "One meal is not enough? Or do you want to buy all the shops along this street?"

Rachel was right. But Jack only planned to buy all the snacks he wanted, especially these full occupied shops. Jack would take some back and let others have a taste.

Seeing that Jack admitted, Rachel was speechless. Her mouth twitched and she asked, "is it necessary..."

After pondering over it for a while, Jack didn't think he should explain more. Following his thought, he went downstairs and chose the noodle soup, because it would easily lose its taste if it was soaked for too long.

Most of the food were hand-made snacks, food with dried sauces, or food that has a long last flavor.

By keeping silent and staying by his side, Rachel had already known the reason for his doing so.

Although Jack did not know there was a street here, he was familiar with the food here. After all, Jack was local and should know something about traditional food.

So Jack bought all of them and wanted to know their taste.

It was not strange for other people doing things all by themselves, but when it's Jack, After Jack went into the fourth shop, Rachel was confused and asked. With a big bag in his hand, Jack explained the whole process to Rachel.

Hearing what he said, Rachel was speechless. This kind of Jack was unfamiliar to Rachel.

He had always been with a high gesture. But now he was doing the purchase with her.

Abruptly, Rachel opened her mouth and asked, "Jack, what's wrong with your head?"

Earlier, Jack apologized to her so cautiously and promised not to treat her like that again.

If it was not for his promise, Rachel would not waste her time and energy with him here.

Jack stopped and glanced at Rachel coldly. Rachel felt like a cold wind was blowing from her back.

Mr. Fu finally came to his senses. He looked at the items in his hands and thought that it was enough. He said, "Let's go back."

So at last who has enjoyed this trip? Rachel closed her eyes, annoyed.

Jack thought she was not feeling well. He looked at her and said with a frown, "what? Do you feel uncomfortable? "

Rachel closed her eyes and waved her hand weakly. "Don't talk to me..."

Now she really didn't want to see this man at all. She felt that she might have got a fever and didn't think very clearly.

She had promised herself to stay away from him, but she still couldn't take this lesson.

Jack drove steadily with the Land Rover seat wide and comfortable, while Rachel took a nap with eyes closed.

Rachel slept finally.

The corner was located in a remote snack street, next to which was the bustling commercial road in the south of the city.

Rachel leaned on the sofa and had a doze. Then, Jack used the navigation system, and go

u treat me well."

Rachel had always been the one who got the upper hand in the way of getting along with her brother. Although Eric was mean, she really took good care of Eric.

Eric also knew that sometimes he was beaten down by Rachel's sharp tongue, but he usually recovered the next day.

"Take good care of yourself, okay? Don't go to work tomorrow. I'll see you tomorrow morning."

Rachel curled up and leaned her head against the armrest. She closed her eyes and said, "yes..."

When the water was boiling, Rachel swallowed the medicine and mixed it with a glass of warm water. She sat on the sofa for a while before going to bed.

She seldom got sick, and she was used to taking care of others. She thought she could endure this slight fever.

However, she neglected the fact that her mother was seriously ill. At midnight, Rachel, who was drowsy, only felt that her throat was dry and uncomfortable.

She stretched her hand and wanted to drink water, but her hand was pressed.

She was slightly shocked and opened her eyes in a daze. A familiar face appeared in front of her.

He didn't look well. With a stern look on his handsome face, he pressed her hands and asked, "what do you want to do?"

Rachel moved her lips and said, "water..."

The man let go of her hand and stood up to pour some water for her. Rachel closed her eyes again. Her mind was like a paste, making her unable to think.

After a short while, he turned back and gently lifted her up. Then he put the cup to her lips.

Rachel took a sip of the glass. He carefully poured the glass and watched her sip the water.

Rachel didn't drink much. After she felt thirsty, she pushed the bottle away.

The man put the glass aside and whispered, "I'll take you to the hospital."

However, Rachel shook her head and refused. She said something that she didn't know.

At last, she fell asleep, only knowing that the person beside her didn't touch her and let her sleep on her own bed.

The next day, Eric got up early because he was worried about Rachel. He got up and cleaned up right after the sunrise.

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