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   Chapter 45 The Dinner With Me

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"Damn it! What do you mean by that I can't ask you? If I can't ask, who will ask?"

The people behind him couldn't help but reach out and poke him in the shoulder. "Alas Handsome,"

"What's the matter?" asked Eric in an irritated tone, turning around.

"Can you lower your voice for a while. They are all looking at you."' The young woman dressed in a light grey baseball coat reminded.

Eric was stunned and looked around. Then he realized that his high pitched voice had attracted many people's attention and his handsome face instantly flushed. He felt embarrassed and lowered his voice and apologized to a girl, "Sorry Thank you for reminding me."

"You're welcome." The girl smiled happily. Her white and clean teeth made Eric blush again.

"Hello? Hello? "

Eric answered quickly, "Yes, yes. Who on earth do you want to go out with?"

At that time, Rachel came downstairs together with Jack. She glanced at the direction of him and returned Eric, "Jack."

The other end of the phone was silent for a moment, and before hanging up, a low curse came through on the phone, "Fuck..."

He didn't have the guts to play against Jack.

Eric would check out who dared to ask his sister out. But But how could it be him? When did he appear again?

Jack was Eric's weak spot that he dared not to go back and kill Jack.

He had been beaten up so badly that he was overshadowed by Jack. Now he was like a mouse encountering a cat when seeing Jack.

"Well Handsome... " A soft, gentle voice came from behind. In a complex mood, Eric turned his head and looked at the row of clean and white teeth for a moment. Then he immediately changed his face with a bright and hypocritical smile.

He smiled with his teeth, cleared his throat and softened his voice. "What's the matter?"

The girl in the baseball coat raised her chin and said, "Move forward. You are blocking us."

Only then did Eric realize that there was an empty space in front of him, and that the people at the back were glaring at him.

He took a big step forward.

Behind Eric, the baseball girl took out her phone and sent a message to her friend.

"Damn it! There is an idiot in front of me! 'smile emoji'

Eric had a good appetite now. He packed three meals and went back home. As expected, Rachel was gone.

In addition, the black Land Rover parked downstairs was no longer there.

"Fuck!" Eric screamed! Did Jack come a long time ago?

Rachel wanted to eat the noodles of Laozhai Food. But it's hard to find the alley it located.

After making several turns, Jack finally found the place to park his car. But since he couldn't drive in, he had to find a parking place to park his car in such a messy place.

After they got out of the car, Rachel led them to the alley. There was nothing old and shabby on the street. When Jack walked into the alley, he was confused and wondered whether there was food here.

Walking more than ten meters, the roa

aurants. When he was just off duty, he found that it was quite crowded. Looking at their clothes, he found that most of them were ordinary office workers and students, who fitted the consumption here very much.

Thinking that, Boris began to think whether or not he could join these traditional snacks in the special hotels under the MK's business.

The scallion residue in the bone soup exuded a strong fragrance, and Rachel made a clean meal. Then she finished eleven or twelve small dumplings in the soup. Her stomach was filled with warm food, and her hands and feet gradually warmed up.

Now that the drug worked and she had slept for an afternoon, she was in high spirits.

After eating up his food, Jack asked Rachel, "Will you go back?"

go back? Go back to what! She had planned to torture him, but in the end she brought him a good meal.

Rachel stood up very dejectedly, with her hands in her pockets. But, in the view of such a gesture, Jack regarded it as her leaving.

"Wait. Don't go back now. Let's go for a walk."

take a walk? She raised her eyebrows in surprise. Did she hear it wrong?

To her surprise, Jack showed great interest in this old snack street, which made Rachel feel like she had just lift a rock only to drop it on her own feet.

Why did you bring him here when you had nothing to do this time? Rachel coldly refused his request. "No, you go by yourself."

Her apparently opposite attitude made Jack stretch his brows, smiling, shaking his head in a helpless way.

Rachel was startled by his laugh. She looked at him suspiciously and vigilantly, "what are you laughing at?"

He said seriously, "Rachel, I apologize to you for what I have done."

The street lamps along the road attracted a lot of people to and fro, and the slightly stuffy air was overflowing with the fragrance of all kinds of food.

When Jack walked past each shop, he stopped and glanced at it for a while. He even wanted to go in and buy one.

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